A Bucharest printing house, offering a motivating system of benefits, manufactures special printing products, brings you unique printing offers and gives you important guarantees for printing services, digital printing and graphic design.

Printing House - Unique Offers

- “1 DAY OFFSET PRINTING” - express service for urgent offset printing; - “Fidelity Bonus” - we are offering a unique system of motivating bonuses, for all printing products and graphic design services orders; - “Express Graphics” - advertorial graphic design 9 euro/hour. We provide complete graphic design services - creation, layout, DTP, 3D Graphic included. For each print project we propose  3 different design concepts; - “Late Delivery” - transport services, provided with our transportation means, outside normal office hours. When deadlines become stressful “we print on time” can be more than a marketing copy, it reveals it’s true relevance; - “Multiple Deliveries” - multiple deliveries for the same order - we provide a free delivery of our products for up to five different locations in Bucharest; - “Store Delivery” - free handling for our delivered products.

Print Shop - Benefits

Integrated graphic and print services. We integrate graphic design services with the offset printing and digital printing services in order to deliver on time all the print products. This way one can avoid the possible appearance of some communication errors between the advertising agency and the print shop; - Correct and competitive prices for our print products and services; - Price quotas in 24 hours for graphic services and print services (for uncommon products like wrappings, bags, notebooks the minimum tending term will be communicated by the designated sales representative); - Complex printing finishes, high quality bookbinding services; - Creative concepts for graphic design, 3D graphic included. Our experience recommends us! Our graphic creations were widely appreciated and brought a real success to the companies that decided to trust us with their graphic design and print services. And if our experience recommends us, our prices give us the edge! Best fees for advertorial graphic design - 9 euro/hour; - Direct contact with the our company management, via e-mail, at sesizari@globalprint.ro; - Digital Print - Large Format Online - best range of papers and canvases, available in permanent stocks; - We always negotiate the prices of our print products in favor of our customers;

Print Shop - Guarantees

“1 Day Offset Printing” guaranteed, for our offset print services we guarantee the manufacturing of print products in one day, according to our rules and regulations. - Guaranteed “Fidelity Bonus”, for the print products and graphic services orders we guarantee that you will qualify to participate to our fidelity programs; - We print on time, guarantee! We guarantee our delivery terms for print products and graphic design services, the ones that are not eligible for “Urgent Print Shop - 1 day print” included; - We guarantee to implement all the necessary measures  in order to regulate all complaints received. We can facilitate a direct contact with our company management. - We guarantee the quality of our print services, of our print finishes - if a product do not comply with the initial specifications, we will replace it with a new one. - We guarantee the quality of our print services, we have implemented the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standardization systems.

Print Shop - Special Products

Because we can use special papers or cardboards, because our finishes enhance the value of the products, because we can print in various circulations, because we can print on unconventional materials we can offer you the biggest and best range of atypical or uncommon print products. This way you can order products like: - business cards on special textured cardboard, no minimum quantity required; - restaurant menus on pearlized or textured cardboard - you can choose from the biggest range of special cardboards in our stocks; - business cards and any other products with special finishes, like folio or embossed - you can choose from 40 different colors and nuances of folio, so that the folio effect is as close as possible to your brand colors; TriFold Paper Cases, QuadFold Menus or other multi-folded printed products with maximum unfolded dimensions up to 33x120 cm; - Digitally personalized window envelopes, also for small quantities; - Large posters and photos printed in digital large format, 12 colors; Special print finishes, like digital contour cutting, textured plasticization or soft touch plasticization.

Because we know that time is precious both for the print products beneficiary and for the print shop !

... it's all about timing

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