Agenda and Planner Sets

We offer you the most complex range of agendas, all models of 2020 agendas are available, you can download the complete catalogues in electronic formats using the dedicated buttons placed at the end of this page. You can also choose Agenda and Planner complete sets, consisting of 2020 Agendas, 2020 Planners or 2020 Organizers, including Natural Leather Agendas and special finishes Agendas.

You can chose from the biggest range of agendas, available in stock Bucharest over 100 models of leather agendas and over 300 models of economy agendas 2020 collection. Each model can be ordered in different color covers, so you have a large variety to choose from. This way the choosing of the most adequate luxury agenda became much easier.

Personalized Agenda and Planner Sets

As a novelty for 2020, you can opt for full color customization with UV Print directly on the cover, so you can get customized agenda sets and planner with your corporate color logo. For more complex personalization (3-4 colors logo and or graphic elements), or if you want to personalize your agendas in more colors we can offer you a very special personalization technique. Now your agendas can be personalized with UV print color directly on the covers of your agendas. This way the agendas will have a truly unique look, your brand personalization being transposed with high fidelity in this promotional product so desired by your customers. For example, the same UV print technology is used for personalizing phone cases. This way the agendas can be personalized with other graphic design elements, beside your classic logo;

In order for you to make the best first impression we give you the possibility to personalize even one single agenda and planner set. You can personalize both the cover and the interior of the agenda with your name and logo, by inserting a maximum of four pages (2 leafs) which will be custom printed with your personalized graphic design.

It is important to know that the mold needed to get the personalization is offered for free for agendas ordered until 15.11.2019 (the standard subsidized price is 29.99 Euro plus TVA) and you will also get the unique archiving and storage service for the mold. This way you won’t have to pay every year an avoidable cost - the molds can be use at least 5 years, so you can save a minimum of 150 Euro plus TVA.

Our range of possible personalization options contains the possibility of choosing from 40 folio metallic colors. This way you can personalize your 2020 agendas in folio as close to your brand colors as possible. The mold used to drop-stamping the agendas is paid only once. We keep it in our custody, in order to use it in the next years. The online personalized molds for agendas that are not used for two consecutive years can be destroyed/quashed. Plus, for the first time you can have now personalized agendas with two color folio, thanks to our newly bought equipments for drop-stamping.

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Agenda and Planner Sets - Special Offers

The agenda and planner sets are subject to all special offers available for agendas. You can see all those special offers in our Personalized Agenda Offers section.


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