Fully Personalized Agendas

Fully personalized agendas will be printed from scratch, according to the desired design. The agendas will be customized to look exactly how you want them to look. 100% custom - fully personalized agendas. The cover is printed according to the desired graphic design. Also the interior will be customized according to the desired graphic design. You can add special personalized finishes like flip cover, hidden spiral binding, elastic support for pen on the side, UV selective lacquering, etc. You will be able to personalize the pages from the beginning of the agenda, the pages that contain useful information and the maps or the pages from the end of the agenda. The covers of personalized agenda can have special finishes like UV selective lacquering. Fully personalized agendas can even have atypical formats and will surely express all your brand values.

For an effective impact we suggest ordering full sets of fully personalized agenda, planner and calendar. In addition, we recommend that each fully personalized agenda should came with a premium pen like SENATOR (made in Germany - price from 0,55 euro), PRODIR (made in Swiss - price from 0,7 euro), or luxury pen from a famous brand like CERRUTI, UNGARO, CACHAREL, CHRISTIAN LACROIX, HUGO BOSS, with prices starting from 11,87 Euro plus TVA (Download Pen Catalogue that are in stock).

Fully personalized agendas - Emergencies

For fully personalized agendas urgently executed there will be a 10% emergency tax applied, in addition of the listed price. The full value of the order should be paid when the order is placed - the production term is calculated starting from the moment the full value of the agendas is collected.

Fully personalized agendas - Special offers

Our fully personalized 2020 agendas offers includes discounts for payment method, for number of copies ordered, for ordering related products such as calendars, premium pens, holidays gift baskets and other promotional products, etc. If you choose an agenda with  pre-printed inside from the EGO collection until 15.11.2019 you will get an up to 25% discount!

In addition, we recurrently make extra offers like one free calendar for each agenda, discounts of 10 to 15%, holidays gift baskets or Senator premium pens for all premium agendas with price starting from 8 euro+TVA, etc.

To see the available offers for economic agendas please visit the Personalized Agenda Offers section!

To see all available offers please visit the OFFERS section!

Agende Personalizate Integral

Discount de pana la 25%

(Română) agende tiparite integral

[:ro]Agende Tiparite Integral[:en]Fully Printed Agendas[:]

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(Română) finisari speciale complexe - Global Print

[:ro]Finisari Speciale Agende[:en]Special Finishes for Agendas[:]

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[:ro]Agende Coperti Tiparite[:en]Printed Covers Agendas[:]

[:ro]Agende Coperti Tiparite[:en]Printed Covers Agendas[:]

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(Română) tiraj minim agende personalizate

[:ro]Tiraj Minim Agende Personalizate[:en]Personalized Agendas Minimum Circulation[:]

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