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Corporate manual identity

Success in promoting a brand depends on the consistency with which corporate elements and rules are applied.

Identity manual contains the rules and exceptions to use all elements that define the identity of the company, thus facilitating the implementation of the logo, slogan or any corporate element on various media and supports (prints, pens, agendas, uniforms, cars, buildings, banners, etc.). Practically this identity manual is absolutely necessary for the marketing department in third parties relationships for all ordered products. By using the identity manual the risks of incorrect using of brand elements are excluded, avoiding compromising the corporate image of your company.

Corporate identity manual - making

The identity manual is made in electronic format and can circulate on computer channels and environments, thus being transmissable and easy to update. Whether we are talking about a new brand or a rebranding process, our clients will benefit from consultancy throughout the development of their identity (even later) and we will identify together a visible and effective marketing strategy to deliver results.

The role of a identity manual is to prevent mistaken use of a brand's visual identity elements on different printed or digital materials, both in size, proportions and graphics components, as well as in chromatic.

At the same time, the identity manual has the function of ensuring coherent, consistent and harmonious visual communication.


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