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Choosing the most appropriate promotional items may be more important than the price or other criteria that in many situations can divert our attention from the most important aspect, the desired result for each campaign.

What promotional items do most prefer?

It is proven that most use primarily promotional materials that solve a current need and that those promotional items that have an innovative feature or a higher quality level are preferred. Certainly, we will all prefer the best pen, the most practical agenda and the best performing powerbank. In other words, if we allocate a budget to "pull" the image of our company for the better, it makes no sense to spend important amounts for promotional items that will not be preferred, which will not be used and which eventually "pull" the image of the company down.

How do we choose the most appropriate promotional products?

If we do not lose sight of the end result you are looking for, namely the current use of the promotional product offered and as a result the keeping of a continuous contact between your beneficiary and the promoted brand, the main selection criterion must be the competitiveness of the chosen promotional item compared to what your competition offers. Certainly we as promotional products beneficiaries, if we receive more personalized pens, we will choose the pen that writes and looks the best. For the brand that chose this pen, the invested amounts will generate revenue, for the rest of the companies, the amounts spent will definitely be a loss.

How important is our involvement?

In most cases, the existence of a very wide range of promotional items is an advantage, by increasing the chance to find products that are most suitable for our campaign, but it may also involve difficulties in making the right decision in a timely manner. Here comes our experience with the behavior of the targeted beneficiaries, their feedback, and in the end, the chances of success that each promotional item can have.

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Personalized Pens

Pens are indispensable tools for everyday activities. They are also promotional materials that companies use most often. Personalized pens packages are generally made for promotions, for use by company employees, or for gifts to business partners.

Personalization of pens can be done according to the model and the material from which they are made by pad printing, screen printing and engraving. Serigraphy is a printing process on various supports, from paper and textile material to metal. In general, the support on which the printing is made must be level. The personalization made through this process is very durable in time even in outdoor environments. Business cards, stickers, textiles and other personalized promotional materials can be made.

Personalization by pad printing can be done on any type of support. This procedure is usually used for printing on small objects with curved or irregular surfaces that can not be personalized by screen printing.

Along with the collection of promotional materials, personalized pens can be easily matched to a personalized office set or to a agenda with a special design. Among the most popular packages are agendas with unique inscriptions, personalized, along with a personalized pen. Also, for the corporate materials category, you can choose a personalized portfolio with your specific brand elements to which you can order a personalized pen in tune with the portfolios.

For more details regarding these packages, ask for a price quote by filling out the offer request form.

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