Cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging is required for every company that sells a consumer product. Besides protection against the destruction and / or deterioration that this packaging solution offers to products, personalized cardboard packaging also provides a company specific identity, bringing notoriety and value to its products. Packaging can be printed in various shapes and sizes, the thickness of the cardboard can vary between 200-350 gr / sq m. The print can have as a support a wide range of cardboards, from duplex, triplex, to strompack or other high quality cardboards. In the case of duplex cardboards (tea boxes, medicine boxes, various packaging products textile industry, food industry packaging, etc.), for better print quality, it is recommended the cardboard with a creased face.

Cardboard Packaging Advantages

There are ecological, recyclable and non-toxic materials; corrugated cardboard is one of the most ecological and solid packaging materials that is not overtaken from the point of view of economic and ecological performance by any other material.

They are flexible, light, hygienic, able to come into contact with food; they are characterized by stiffness and very good resistance.

They are resistant to fats, gases, hydrocarbons, acids (paper treated by covering and lamination); can be printed.

Different packaging

Gifts wrapping paper personalized printed according to the required graphics. The gift wrapping paper definitely remains the last one on the shopping list, but it is just as important as the gift itself. Our offer comes in support of those who want a completely elegant or funny gift according to the occasion.

Packaging services

We also provide related services and packaging finishing services, structural design packaging creation as well as free shipping in Bucharest.

We support your production through Prompt Delivery of Ordered Packaging.


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Scotch-ul este o alegere buna pentru situatiile in care doriti sa sigilati diverse cutii, sa expediati colete, sa lipiti / securizati orice alt material care contine informatii, produse sau date confidentiale. Asigura securitatea expeditiilor prin posta sau curier. De asemenea, se poate folosi la personalizarea cutiior sau pungilor, pentru personalizarea standurilor, vitrinelor sau pentru delimitarea zonelor de expunere la targuri si expozitii.

Pe langa utilitatea sa care este devenita deja o certitudine, benzile adezive de tip scotch pot reprezenta intrumente eficiente de promovare. De exemplu, in cazul benzilor personalizate cu elemente de brand, in momentul in care expediati un colet sau transportati produse, sigla dumneavoastra sau numele va fi vizibil si se va face remarcat.

Desi este un instrument relativ mic, poate avea un impact vizual puternic. In cazul benzilor personalizate, desi caracteristicile standard sunt de 50mx66m/rola, dimensiunile de comanda pot varia si se pot realiza pe orice dimensiune sau lungime va este necesar. Pot fi adaptate in functie de nevoile dumneavoastra.

Benzile adezive sunt de calitate, din polipropilena cu adeziv "Acrilic". Acesta poate fi alb, transparent (scotch personalizat) sau pe nuanta de maro (scotch nepersonalizat) si se pot tipari policrom cu pana la 3 culori.

Specificații pentru păstrare ambalaje scotch, depozitare și utilizare:

-Contactul cu produse organice de orice fel, unsori, uleiuri, solvenți, duce la deteriorarea tipăririi.

-Manipularea sau utilizarea manuală (direct cu mâna, fără dispozitiv), permițând contactul direct al pielii cu suprafața tipărită poate duce la deteriorarea tipăririi. Contactul cu produsele abrazive provoacă deteriorarea tipăririi.

Condiții de păstrare, depozitare, transportare:

-benzile adezive personalizate sau ambalajele în care sunt păstrate nu vor fi expuse direct radiațiilor solare, radiațiilor ultraviolete sau radiațiilor calorice provenite de la alte surse de încălzire.

-temperatura de păstrare, depozitare, sau transport trebuie sa fie cuprinsă între 18-22 grade Celsius

-umiditate relativă 54.

Nerespectarea acestor condiții duce la reacție între adeziv și cerneala folosită în procesul de tipărire, având ca rezultat exfolierea cernelii în momentul desfășurării benzii.

Servicii de personalizare profesionala pentru ambalaje scotch!

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The adhesive tape is a very good choice if you want to seal various boxes, to ship parcels, to affix, to paste or to secure any other material that contains information, products or confidential data. The adhesive tape ensures the security of postal or courier expeditions. Also, you can use it to personalize boxes and or bags, to personalize your stands, your panels, your billboards or shop windows, or to mark the limits of displays zones in markets and fairs.

Beside its famous utility, which is already a certainty, the adhesive tape can represent an efficient instrument in promoting your company. For example, you can personalize an adhesive tape with your company brand and every time you will ship a parcel or you will transport some product or other, your logo or your name will be very visible and it will stand out.

Although is a relatively small instrument, it can have a strong, powerful visual impact. For personalized adhesive tapes, although the standard size is of 50mm x 66m/roll, you can order different sizes, and we can manufacture the tape in any size or length necessary. We can adapt the product to your needs.

The adhesive tapes are quality products, made from polypropylene with “Acrylic” adhesive. They can be white, transparent (personalized tape) or a brown nuance (un-personalized tape). They can be subject to polychrome printing, up to three colors.

Keeping, storing and using adhesive tape wrapping information:

- The contact with any kind of organic products, oils, greases, solvents will damage the printing.

- Manual handling and using (directly with the hand, not using a proper dispensing device) will allow a direct contact of the skin with the printed surface, and that can lead to printing damage. Also, the contact with abrasive materials or products will damage the printing.

Keeping, storing and transporting conditions:

- the personalized adhesive tapes or their packages will not exposed directly to sun radiations, UV radiations or caloric radiations coming from other heating sources.

- Storage and transport temperature should be between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius

- Relative humidity of 54.

If these conditions are not meet, a reaction between the adhesive and the ink used in the printing process can occur. The result of that reaction can be the exfoliation of the ink when the tape is unfolding.


Professional personalization services for adhesive tape wrappings!

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