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The diversity of domains using variables data labels has seen a significant increase in recent years. As a result, the range of available variable data labels has also recorded a spectacular development along with the range of IT solutions based on barcodes. Labels may have other variables data useful for production processes.

Labels can be printed on sticker, self-adhesive, offset paper, special label paper or double-coated. Variable data management, barcode generation, graphics editing and consulting regarding barcode are services provided at no extra cost. Labels can be printed, depending on the quantities, offset, digital or flexo.

Barcode - a codified symbolic representation, a process that allows a quick identification of a product and its characteristics (nature, origin, type, weight, price) by using an optical code scanner (electronic scanner) connected to a computer. The advantages of unique inscription using the barcode:

- allows an efficient inventory control (automatic product entry / removal from administration, serial number tracking), automatic price selection, elimination of errors generated by human operation, simplification of physical distribution operations

- immediate release of complex bills by fiscal cash registers, including detailed information for each purchased product - reducing serving time and waiting for buyers.

Variable data labels for production are manually applied, being intended for small or medium quantities printed. These can be printed, depending on the quantities, on offset, digital or flexo printing. You can make them on paper sticker, self-adhesive, offset, for labels or double-coated special paper, depending on your preferences.

1. Stickers labels can be produced in any size.

2. Self-adhesive labels can be printed in black & white or color.

3. Labels can be printed in any quantity, barcode labels can be ordered in very small quantities.

4. Labels may have two or more barcodes, as well as other variable data.

5. Labels may have other variable data useful for production processes.


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