Digital Print Special Cardboards & Atypical Formats

Choosing special cardboards is in itself an act of creativity, the effects and reactions of your customers being always as your effort to choose to communicate differently and to be special. Without the minimum offset printing requirement, you can opt for digital printing on special cardboards, benefiting from the advantages of the Hybrid Digital Print line, unique to the printing market in Romania. For online pricing calculator, visit Digital Print Prices.

Digital Print Special Cardboards - Presentation

You can choose from the largest range of special papers and cardboards available in stock, which includes over 500 types of imported world wide special papers and cardboards (USA, France, Norway, Germany, Italy, etc). Whether you prefer recycled cardboards, according to your company's environmental concerns, whether you prefer pearlescent cardboard to get a special effect or if you prefer metallized cardboards capable of giving glow the presented products in printed materials, you can now really choose the paper and cardboard according to communication priorities and brand values. Thus, you benefit from the ability to print complete corporate sets using special paper and cardboard of the same type, thus ensuring the unity and impact of printed materials. In order to ease the selection of the appropriate support depending on how the print is made and the thickness of each special cardboard (max 450 g / sq m), we have made samplers that include all the special cardboards and papers. In addition, on each cardboard is printed with hybrid digital printing technology the same image, so you can see the differences conferred to the colors of the texture and shade of each cardboard. The samplers can be made available to you at our headquarters or the 2 volumes that include all the special papers and cardboards available can be purchased, with a discount of up to 50%. We want to pay special attention to the possibility of digital printing on plastic support and thus we suggest you opt especially for the plastic used in double-layer for making the cards. We recommend choosing the digital print on special cardboards, having as an argument the principle that marketing materials are effective to the extent that they are able to bring a better image or at least equal to the level of the company or the promoted product.

Digital Print Special Cardboards - Applications

Whether you prefer a pearled cardboard that adds quality to a restaurant menu for example, whether you want to print business cards on a recycled card as a statement of your company's values, or you send greeting cards printed on a metallic cardboard denoting a special personal attention or you want a photo album that captures the special moments of your team from team building, we recommend you always opt for digital print special cardboards. Should not be forgotten the applications such as the letterheads used in daily communication, invitations to important events and conferences, presentation folder with sheet pocket, envelopes that can be made from the same paper used for the rest of the corporate materials, diplomas or certifications for participation in various courses, premium packages or in short series, products for which the digital print special cardboards solution is highlighted by its ability to generate added value and impact effect. You also have the freedom to produce including products with complex finishes such as gift paper bags, premium products labels, luxury products packaging or presentation catalogs with covers made from lining print on hard support, due to full hybrid digital printing lines and professional finishes available.

Digital Print Special Cardboards - Stocks

We provide the largest range of special cardboards in our stock. In case the stock is insufficient for the desired print run, in most cases the supply of the required papers and cardboards does not exceed 3 days. In the unlikely event that the manufacturer does not have the desired special cardboards in stock, it will be necessary to wait for the production of a new batch, in which case the term can go up to 3 weeks.

Digital Print Format 33X120 cm - Applications

From restaurant menus that can be printed in trifold or quadfold format, or or so common leaflets which can ne transformed in special materials by using a large multifold format and up to book jackets or wall calendars that must be placed on narrow areas such as office pillars, all are products that can not be printed digital, unless there is a technical support of a generous format such as 330X120 mm (the standard format for digital printers is 330X480 mm).

As a creative idea we propose you to create a folder and a presentation catalog integrated into a single special product and able to generate interest in the information presented. Practically, on the left side of the folder we will have integrated the company's presentation catalog, the covers of both products being made of the same sheet (4x A4 unfolded format). For even greater impact, but also for a better reveal of the information, the catalog sheets may have different sizes so that the repertoire effect is created.





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