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Digital print offset quality is no longer a simple word! Regardless of how often you have heard this promise, did your works fail to get rid of bothering banding and generally failed to have the desired quality? Most digital print limitations are overtaken due to the hybrid printing machine and top rage Heidelberg digital printer (only one instal in Romania in 2020). Because we wanted to move to the next level, we decided to opt for a piece of equipment superior to digital printers, investing in a hybrid printing machine and heighend Heidelberg machine - unique model on the digital printing market in Romania, with have a maximum productivity of 9.000A4/hour (speed witch its not reacheable by any other digital printing machine). Getting full colors, making gradients, printing on thick cardboard of up to 470g / sqm (thickness accepted only by offset printing) or digital printing on special cardboards is now achievable at a far superior level to the digital print, but in similar price conditions. For digital printing hybrid prices you can visit Digital Print Prices.

Hybrid Digital Printing

1. You can print on special paper and cardboards with accentuated gloss, pearlescent, pearly, metallic, textured, colored, photo paper, on atypical media supports such as plastic card type, synthetic cardboards, polyester sticker and also on coated paper or cardboards used as standard in offset printing and avoided in digital printing due to the problems generated to the digital printers by the coat from their surface (images printed on coated paper look better than printed on "color copy" standard digital paper and so closer to offset printing quality). No other digital printing machine can print at the same level of quality and on a so wide range of special cardboards due to different treatments of printing surfaces. For stocks and additional details regarding available papers and cardboards, visit Special Cardboards.

2. Another major advantage of our digital printing machine is the competitive price. So, compared to the offset print, hybrid digital printing ensures lower prices up to 10.000 A4 copies and depending on coverage to noticeably larger quantities. Also, any price comparison in similar quality terms will be won. Same in front of any standard digital print. For hybrid digital printing prices calculator you can visit Digital Print Prices.

3. Quality at the highest possible level at the present, thanks to the mechanical vacuum feeding systems specific to the offset printing, thanks to automatic alignment and self-aligning systems of the sheets (for a good matching front/back), thanks to the maximum print size of 33x120 cm (compared to the standard 33x48cm), due to the features that allow printing on coated cardboards with up to 470 g / sq m thickness (offset features), thanks to the ability to print at high resolutions up to 3600 dpi (2400 dpi standard digital print), thanks to the incorporate photospcotmeter, full package RIP software and fully automated workflow (which guarantees respecting the color profiles indicated by the source file and the increased colors stability from the beginning to the end of the job, stability characteristic to the offset printing machines - the standard digital print being with large variations between the prints of the same job and a poor color gamut. Pantone color reproduction is made with succes, with its also guaranted by our FOGRA Certification obtained in 2019.

You benefit from the facilities of both offset and digital printing technologies!

Hybrib Digital Printing - Applications

1. Big value-added products but without having imposed a minimum print run limit. As an example of digital printed products on special papers and cardboards we can mention: invitations to events, company presentation brochures, product presentation catalogs, simple folders, trifold pocket folder, HoReCa menus, diplomas and certificates, business cards, book overcover (trifold or quadfold), photo albums on photo paper (you can print realistic images and get impressive colors), etc.

2. Products printed in small and medium print runs. Have you faced with an acute lack of solutions for printing books, packaging or labels in small print runs but in quality conditions similar to offset printing? The hybrid digital printing machine and offset level professional finishes compete to solve quality, cost or minimum print run imposed problems.

3. Digital print variable data for significantly better conversions and cost efficiency. It is measured and proved that through the targeted communication the net results are better because of the better scaling of the printed digital information with variable data and due to the attention given by any recipient to the material addressed personally. In addition, optimization of up to 50% of costs per campaign is achieved by eliminating the losses generated in classic campaigns. Basically, 10,000 flyers to be distributed on the street are not printed anymore, proportion of non-interested people being more than 90%, but only 2000 flyers are printed addressed exactly for those interested in the information presented. The environmental benefit comes as a well-deserved bonus and not to be neglected.

4. Emergency digital printing. In general, lead time is much shorter for digital printing, printing a product that can not exceed 3 days due to the elimination of characteristic steps of classic printing (films, plates, color matching, etc.). In the course of your activity, various situations may arise where emergency printing becomes imperative, with unpredictable events. In this way it is necessary to solve a crisis caused by the delay of printing products for fairs, promotions, etc. And why not recognize, as most tasks become urgent, digital printing is an optimal solution. For urgency, the digital printing term is 1 Day, except for complex products requiring additional finishing. As terms and conditions, the same rules apply as for 1 Day offset printing.

Digital Print Format 33X120 cm - Applications

From restaurant menus that can be printed in trifold or quadfold format, or or so common leaflets which can ne transformed in special materials by using a large multifold format and up to book jackets or wall calendars that must be placed on narrow areas such as office pillars, all are products that can not be printed digital, unless there is a technical support of a generous format such as 330X120 mm (the standard format for digital printers is 330X480 mm).

As a creative idea we propose you to create a folder and a presentation catalog integrated into a single special product and able to generate interest in the information presented. Practically, on the left side of the folder we will have integrated the company's presentation catalog, the covers of both products being made of the same sheet (4x A4 unfolded format). For even greater impact, but also for a better reveal of the information, the catalog sheets may have different sizes so that the repertoire effect is created.

Digital Hybrid Printing - Professional Finishing

1. The digital printing machine has mounted in-line finishing equipment, creating a fully automated production line, in one pass, making the front / back print and the exact finishing of the products. It is possible to automatically and precisely create bigs (without cracks of cardboard or full color), for example for trifold or multifold folders, multiple perforations on both ticket axes or other products, rounding to format, etc. This gives you a very good production time, exact finishing of a hard-to-reach quality;

2. Hydraulic guillotine, so raw material and finished products and perfectly cut without affecting the structure of the material for textured cartons, for example. Basically, this type of guillotine is used in offset printing in the usual way, knowing that handheld guillotines or/and with mechanical presses are often used in digital print workshops, which leads to inaccurate cuts, broken full color, and / or damaged textured cardboards due to fingerprint remanence left by the guillotine press);

3. Investing in a "flatbed" computerized finishing equipment (new generation launched at Drupa 2016 in premiere), it allows the integrated realization of multiple finishing such as precise and fine cuts, bigs without procedural errors, forming and marking packaging with braille, "kiss cut" cut of the first layer of stickers labels in special forms, etc. The new technology successfully replaces classic die cutting and makes the most creative finishing possible at no cost for making classic die cuts (you save 100-150 euros per job) or other initial setting operations. It is obtained also an important optimization of the production term and an absolute freedom for creativity. ESKO Kongsberg is the leader in the production of digital finishing equipment for the digital printing and offset printing industry, equipment that comes to successfully replace old finishing methods. Production times decrease up to 50%, end product quality increases significantly, creative solutions become achievable regardless of the print run. With the Psaligraphy knife tool, the finest and most complex cuts are now possible. The new technology makes the most creative finishing possible, with no cost for making classic die cuts, for other initial setting operations or die cutting operation (which in many cases is done manually or on old equipment). The software for realizing mountings for digital print products with special shapes achieves an efficient cardboard consumption of up to 65% and 99% of the time allocated, comparing to an experienced human operator. These efficiencies are ultimately found in a truly competitive price (you save 150 euros die cut and 50% print support material) that you can benefit from for any digital print job you order.

4. Other finishes made with offset level equipment: Plasticizing (matte, glossy, textured and soft-touch), selective varnishing and 3D varnishing, variable perforum both longitudinally with repetition at a distance of 3 mm and horizontally (even interrupted by window type), automatic creasing in line, multiple creasings at a distance of 3 mm, drilling for mechanical notebook or other applications (different size perforating punches), lining covers book or realization of multi-layered business cards, broaching, stapling, spiraling, alphanumeric in series, stamp or embossing including 3D, hot foil (38 available colors, including black foil and white foil), rounding corners, die cutting and digital cropping on contour for packaging, folders, etc. For common digital print products prices visit Digital Print Prices.



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