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The HoReCa material segment includes the whole range of accessories, equipment or services that are used in the hotel or restaurant industry. Global Print offers graphic design and professional printing services for a wide range of promotional materials specific to this activity sector.

In the relationship with your guests, a well-structured and high-quality menu can leave a strong impression and influence in this way customer's decision to turn from simple passenger customers into your loyal customers.

The promotion materials that you currently own and use will represent the company's values ​​and can be considered as brand ambassadors. Therefore, attention to their appearance and quality should be a priority. Creativity and passion for tourism have raised the standards of quality, and this emphasizes the need to differentiate you from competition through authenticity and professionalism.

Beside professional printing services, we also provide support for everything that means graphic creation and the design or redesign of identity elements.

List of materials we can do:

1. HoReCa menus

2. Presentation folders

3. Letterheads

4. Brochures or presentation catalogs

5. Triptychs to put on tables

6. Special boxes

7. Personalized paper bags

8. Leaflets and presentation flyers

9. Personalized envelopes

10. Personalized Payment Notes

11. Posters for indoor or outdoor - Possibility to print on unique supports such as special cartons

Menus – available sizes

Leaflets-menus 1/3 A4 ( A4 unfolded );

Leaflets-menus 1/3 A4 ( 2/3 A4 unfolded );

Leaflets-menus A5 ( A4 unfolded );

Leaflets-atypical menus

Paper weight: 90-300 g / sq m


Professional Printing Services - Horeca Menus


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