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The quality of promotional materials is indeed the business card of a company. If the promotional materials are very well made, they can promote with enhanced efficiency a company, a service or a product. We can offer you any kind of printed product, with a conventional or one of a kind graphic design, in the any shape desired by our customer, on the desired support and in any circulation. Due to our high-performance printers we can print quality advertising materials, in strong, lively colors, from the first product to the last.

We can offer you the newest technologies in advertising print production

- Posters can be printed on self-adhesive paper or on special paper, made for digital printing. The special papers ensure an excellent quality of the printed posters. It could be a extra glossy paper, a special texture paper, a metallic-look paper, a pearly paper, etc. Special papers turn to advance the printed posters or images. The digital printed posters are also available in our online shop - http:\\

- The portfolios can be printed on special cardboards, different textures and sizes, with glued or punched inner pockets. They are an elegant way to offer more information regarding your company.

- Desk calendars and wall calendars are an excellent way of advertising among your employees and you can also give them away as presents, on special holidays.

- The jotters can be printed in one color, but for a more elegant look we can use polychrome technique, even on the entire surface of inner pages. They are stationary products, with multiple destinations, they are used as expendable office stationary, but also as promotional or advertising materials for customers and the general public.

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(Română) tipar mape

[:ro]Tipar Mape[:en]Portfolios[:]

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(Română) tipar postere

[:ro]Tipar Postere[:en]Posters[:]

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(Română) tipar calendare

[:ro]Tipar Calendare[:en]Calendars[:]

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(Română) tipar bloc - notes

[:ro]Tipar Bloc-Notes[:en]Printed Jotters[:]

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