We recommend that the portfolios should be printed on 300-350g/sm thick cardboard. We also advise you to choose only high quality cardboard and finishes, as this product is consider to be a premium one when it comes to promoting your company.

The presentation portfolios are already a customary element in presentations, cultural events, trainings, courses, product launching events and many other. They are offered to customers, partners and usually to all the event attendees.

Also, the portfolios can be an elegant way to:

- provide extra information about your company;

- allow the event attendees to take notes;

- promote the company;

- turns into a tool to promote the company.

Printed Portfolios - finishes

After the printing process, the portfolios can be upgraded by special finishes. The finishes will improve the visual aspect and the practicality of the product. We can offer you:

- shiny or matte plasticization;

- simple or selective lacquering;

- cuts or punches of different shapes and sizes;

- bellows (paunches) of various dimensions, in order to fit more pages inside the portfolio


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