Offset print for posters - maximum 70 x 100 cm

Offset printed posters can be no larger than 70 x 100 cm. They can be printed offset on auto adhesive paper or on thick, double coated paper. For offset printed posters the minimum circulation required is 300 poster per order.

Digitally printed posters large format - 110 x 250 cm

Digitally printed posters can be format A0, B0, 110 x 250 cm or even bigger, if someone wants to decorate an entire inside wall, for example. Our production equipments for posters use a water-based ink that makes the products perfect for interior decorating, because there is no residual odor. This way the posters can be used even in kindergartens, offices, stores, etc. The posters have a photographic level quality, practically the absolute best, technologically speaking, for digitally printed posters. We do not require a minimum circulation per order for digitally printed posters.

Digitally printed posters are also available in our online store:

Posters printed on special paper

The posters can be printed on self adhesive paper or on other special papers for digital printing. We can digitally print posters on special enhanced glossy paper, special textured paper, metallic aspect paper, nacreous paper, etc. Special paper can turn to advantage the printed images and posters.

Prices for printed posters

The prices for posters can vary considering the circulation, the format and the paper used for printed posters and considering the format, the paper, the coverage ratio and the resolution for digitally printed posters.

Emergency printing for posters

Offset printed posters have a standard production time of 3 to 5 working days. For emergencies we can offer shorter terms.. The digitally printed large format posters have a standard production time of 2 to 4 days. We can also shorten that term to 1 day, depending on our paper stock situation.


Digitally printed and offset printed posters


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