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Personalized Agendas, offers and benefits, and also the personalization service of 2020 agendas with no minimum circulation required. You can personalize a single agenda, weather you want a natural leather Italy agenda or an economy agenda. You can personalize both the interior and the cover of the agendas, regardless the number of the agendas ordered. We can personalize the interior of the agenda by inserting a maximum of four pages of your graphic design and the cover in folio, embossing stamp or the desired printed design. You can choose to have a second personalization on the forth cover, different from the one on the first cover.

Personalized Agendas Special Offers - 2020 novelties

1. You have 21 new collection of unique agendas in Romania, that bring premium materials and impact design. The 2020 eKarioka agenda range offer the possibility to differentiate thus companies that want to offer different agendas to their clients and partners. The catalogs of the two collections of agendas can be downloaded here:

2. As a novelty, you have the posibility to personalize your agendas with full color UV print directly on cover. Thus, you benefit from the technology used to customize promotional items to get personalized diaries with your corporate color logo.

3. There are now 40 available colors metallic folio (including white folio and black folio), to help you personalize your agendas as close to your brand colors as possible. The mold used to drop-stamping the agendas is paid only once. We keep it in our custody, in order to use it in the next years. The online personalized molds for agendas that are not used for two consecutive years can be destroyed/quashed. Plus, for the first time you can have now personalized agendas with two color folio, thanks to our newly bought equipments for drop-stamping.

4. In previous years there was a minimum circulation of 300 agendas per order for the printed covers agendas. This year for the EGO range agendas there is no minimum circulation per order required. You can order even one single agenda personalized with your design and digitally printed (matte or glossy plastification included) The prices will be calculated as follows: 790 lei + TVA fix cost, 1,5 lei + TVA / piece plus the cost of the chosen agenda - the agenda interior you chosen. We recommend a minimum circulation of 100 agendas - this being the optimal circulation that ensures equilibrium between the minimum circulation and the price of one personalized agenda.

5. The agenda can be an ideal gift for business partners and also a way to advertise your business and to promote your company name and logo. Also as a novelty, for a maximum effect for 2020 personalized agendas, you can make nominal personalization for each agenda by adding the name and possible the scientific title of the beneficiary of the agenda.

Personalized Agendas - Special Offers and Discounts

1. Until 15st of November 2019 you can get a free mold for all orders of personalized agendas over 300 euro plus TVA. Plus, you will get the free custody service for the next years. This way you save up to 150 euro plus TVA - the molds can be used at least five years. For the standard mold (maximum 8x4 cm) used for personalizing agendas you pay 29.99 euro plus TVA (this price has already a 50% cut).

2. Until 15.11.2019, for UV color printing, you get a 50% discount from the standard price (0.50 euro + VAT / square centimeter), the special price being 0.25 euro + VAT / square centimeter.

3. You can personalize the agendas by simply uploading your logo. If your logo is not compliant with the technical requirements for applying the embossing stamp, you will get the verification and adaptation service for your logo completely for free (save 8,99 euro + VAT).

4. Bonus gift baskets for orders over 1,000 agendas.

5. For ordering premium agendas starting at 8 euro + VAT, launched until 15.11.2019, you will receive a premium range pen SENATOR (made in Germany - price starting at 0,55 euro+VAT) or PRODIR (made in Switzerland - price starting at 0,70 euro+VAT) for each agenda.

6. Take advantage of our up to 25% discounts in EGO range agendas ordered until 31.10.2019.

7. 2020 Personalized Agendas special offers - starting with 0,89 euro plus TVA (minimum 10 agendas ordered).

Some offers cannot be cumulated! Depending on your preferences, you can choose the most advantageous one.

For more datails about the personalization posibility, you can visit:

Personalized Agendas Special Offers - Order Processing

Before launching an order you can ask for a sample presentation in your headquarters.

After the verification and, if needed, the adaptation of your logo for folio/embossed stamp you will receive via e-mail a simulation of your desired agenda, personalized with your logo (already adapted). If you find the personalization ok, a simple answer via e-mail with a “ready for printing according to attached file” is adequate for the personalization of the 2019 agendas you ordered.

Prices 2020 Personalized Agendas:


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