Specially Personalized Agendas

You can personalize a single agenda, whether you choose a natural leather Italia agenda, a leather agenda produced in Romania or an economy agenda. You can personalize both the interior and the cover of the agenda, all personalization possibilities are presented in detail below. The special personalization options are available for the first time for 2020 collections.

Standard Personalization Agendas

1.  You can personalize the interior of the agenda by inserting a maximum of 2 leafs (4 pages) printed with your desired graphics;

2.  The covers of the agenda can be personalized in folio, by hot-rolling a metal film - golden, silvery or colored;

3.  The covers of the agenda can be personalized by stamp-embossing, drop-stamping the mold under pressure;

4.  Both for the first and the forth cover you can choose one or two personalization - name and logo or year and logo, etc.

Special Personalization Agendas

1.  Our range of possible personalization options contains the possibility of choosing from 40 folio metallic colors, including white folio and black folio. This way you can personalize your 2020 agendas in folio as close to your brand colors as possible. In previous years you could only choose from 2 folio colors (gold and silver). The mold used to drop-stamping the agendas is paid only once. We keep it in our custody, in order to use it in the next years. For the standard mold (maximum 8x4 cm) used for personalizing agendas you pay 29.99 euro plus TVA (this price has already a 50% cut);

2.  Also as a novelty, in order to get a maximum effect from the 2020 personalized agendas that your offer to your important clients or business partners, you can make nominal personalization for each agenda by adding the name and possible the scientific title of the beneficiary of the agenda ( for example: prof. dr. Andrei Ionescu). This way the personalized agendas became the perfect gift for your business partners, also highlighting your special attention in offering a gift with a personal touch;

3.  For the first time this year you can personalize your 2019 agendas with a two-color folio logo, thanks to our newly bought equipments for drop-stamping;

4. For more complex personalization (3-4 colors logo and or graphic elements), or if you want to personalize your agendas in more colors we can offer you a very special personalization technique. Now your agendas can be personalized with UV print color directly on the covers of your agendas, the price being 0.25 euro + VAT/square centimeter (until 15.11.2019, then applying the standard price of 0.50 euro + VAT/cmp). This way the agendas will have a truly unique look, your brand personalization being transposed with high fidelity in this promotional product so desired by your customers. For example, the same UV print technology is used for personalizing phone cases. This way the agendas can be personalized with other graphic design elements, beside your classic logo;

5. If in previous years the minimum order of 300 pieces for cover printed agendas made impossible the desired corporate images personalization of agenda covers, this year for the entire EGO range agendas we eliminated the minimum order condition. This way you can order small circulations, like 10 digitally printed covers agendas (matte or glossy plastification included). The prices will be calculated as follows: 690 lei + TVA fix cost, 0,15 lei + TVA / piece plus the cost of the chosen agenda - the agenda interior you chosen. We recommend a minimum circulation of 100 agendas - this being the optimal circulation that ensures equilibrium between the minimum circulation and the price of one personalized agenda;

6. For orders larger than 300 agendas we suggest to consider the possibility of full personalization of the agendas. Practically the agendas will be printed from scratch, both the interior and the covers will be manufactured according to the desired design. Plus, you can choose to use pages printed on thicker paper at the beginning of a chapter, you can add polychromic printed pages at the end, you can add an elastic support for pen on the side, etc. For personalizing the printed agendas you can choose from a wide range of options - matte or glossy plastification, UV selective lacquering, spiral binding, cuts/window in cover, flip cover, etc.

For the 2020 personalized agendas we have some special offers - one calendar offered for each leather agenda, 10-15% discounts, gift baskets for the holidays for ordering over 1000 agendas, etc.

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Special 2020 Personalization Agendas.

Available even for one single Agenda! 


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