Special Finishes for Agendas


Special folio finishing for agendas is a method of negatively embossing a colored foil onto materials like natural or ecological leather, paper/cardboard or on certain type of plastic materials. The folio finishing process is done using high temperatures, applying a high amount of pressure on the foil, the support, and the heated plate which is the mold. Beside the standard folio colors - silver and gold - the chromatic palette of folio nuances is very diverse. We supply a permanent stock of 38 colors and nuances, including white folio and black folio, perfect for customizations and for special finishes. Folio printing is used when you want to emphasize an element. A magazine title, the name of a company, a “Happy Birthday!”, they can all became golden, silvery or any other color only with the folio print. The folio can be applied on any printed surface, plasticized or lacquered, but also on a leather cover of an agenda, on promotional objects, business cards or promotional materials of different thickness or sizes.


This technology allows printing on materials like leather - both natural and ecological, special paper and cardboard. The printing process is done with a press, at high temperature. The logos printed using this technique have a ridged aspect, and they have the advantages of being long lasting. This technology offers the promotional products a special distinction and style. The embossing is mostly used on office agendas and on pocket agendas. Is that effect that personalize the agenda by “carving” the logo on its cover. This kind of special finishes can be applied on the cover of the desired agenda, no matter the material the cover is made from. The embossing technique can be used also on printed surfaces.

UV Lacquering

In order to avoid the inconveniences caused by subsequent processing of the printed material - for example the insufficient drainage of the ink, we recommend lacquering with protection varnishes. It gives the product a pleasant look, a delicate feel and a good friction resistance. UV lacquering can be applied on the entire product or only partially. The selective applying is done using screen printing, so is best to avoid lines thinner than 1 mm. UV lacquering gives the product shine and protection and makes it friction and scratching resistant.


Plastification is one of the possible special finishes for agendas. Plastification means covering one or both sides of the support with a layer of plastic foil. Is an operation recommended for support over 170 g/sm. It can be done with both glossy and matte foil. This technique is relatively new, considering the history of the print. This offers the product both protection and a special aesthetic effect.  The plastification implies a very thin - only a few microns - foil that has an almost indistinguishable layer of adhesive on one side. This foil is applied on the product in vacuum conditions, using high temperature. The plastification protect the printed material against damages, moisture and sun-light.

Matte plastification

You can choose matte textured plastification in order to make the printed material glazed and soft to touch. Textured plastification or soft touch plastification is indeed very special finishes for agendas. For an extra finish, over the soft touch plastification you can choose to apply selective UV lacquering. This way some elements will have a matte texture and others a glossy texture.

Glossy plastification

You can choose glossy textured plastification in order to give intensity and glow to the printed product. The glossy plastification is done by applying a plastic foil (either on printed or unprinted material). This operation is done using high temperature (100º-160º Celsius), and by pressing the foil against the support and the hot plate.

Special finishes for 2019 Agendas - Special Offers

This year you can personalize your 2020 agendas with your company logo, even in multiple colors. Thanks to our newly bought folio you can make a special personalization design in two to four color folio, depending of the complexity of the graphic design and of the size of the logo elements.

For your company management and for your bigger customers we recommend natural leather agendas. For the complete offer please visit our Natural Leather Agenda section!

We recurrently make extra offers like one free calendar for each agenda, discounts of 10 to 15%, holidays gift baskets or Senator premium pens for orders of over 1000 agendas, etc.

To see the available offers for economic agendas please visit the Personalized Agenda Offers section!

To see all available offers please visit the OFFERS section!


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