Natural Leather Agendas


You can chose from the biggest range of natural leather agendas, we have available in stock over 100 models of 2020 leather agendas. Each agenda model can be ordered in various cover so you have a large variety to choose from. This way the choosing of the most adequate leather agenda became much easier.

Natural Leather Agendas - Personalized

Because we want you to make the best impression possible for your most important customers or business partners we give you the opportunity to personalize one single leather agenda. You can personalize both the cover of the agenda with your logo or with the name of each beneficiary, and the interior of the agenda, inserting a maximum of four pages (two leafs) that can be custom printed, with a personalized graphic design.

By nominally personalizing a luxury agenda you have the chance of getting a very positive feedback from the beneficiary. Your interest and attention will be appreciated, and you’ll get to offer a luxury agenda personalized with the name and possible the scientific title of the beneficiary of the agenda ( for example: prof. dr. Andrei Ionescu).

As a novelty natural 2020 leather agendas can be personalized with the help of no less than 40 folio colors and nuances (including black folio and white folio). This way you can personalize your natural leather agendas as close to your brand colors as possible. Plus, for the first time you can have now personalized agendas with two color folio, thanks to our newly bought equipments for drop-stamping.

Natural Leather Agendas - Prices and Special Offers

You can choose a natural leather agenda or an ecological leather one, leather agendas produced in Romania or in Italy. For most of the natural leather agendas you can use the same covers in the next years - you have to change only the interior, which has to be dated for the respective year. This way you can save up to 100 euro plus TVA in the next years. Is important to know that the mold required for personalization is only 29.99 Euro plus TVA (a 50% discount is already applied) and that you will get the free custody service for the mold, for the next years. This way you will not pay every year an avoidable cost. This way you get to save at least 300 euro plus TVA- the molds can be used at least five years. In addition, until the 15.11.2019 you can get a free mold for all orders of natural 2020 leather agendas, each order over 300 euro plus TVA.

In addition, we recurrently make extra offers for 2020 leather agendas, like one free wall and desk calendar for each agenda, discounts of 10 to 15%, holidays gift baskets for orders of over 1000 euro plus TVA or bonuses - pens, pencils and Key Holder Cacharel and Ungaro, etc.

For an effective impact, we suggest that you offer to your customers and partners a personalized natural leather agenda together with a luxury pen or pencil from a famous brand like CERRUTI, UNGARO, CACHAREL, CHRISTIAN LACROIX, HUGO BOSS, with prices starting from 11,87 Euro plus TVA (Download Pen Catalogue that are in stock).

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