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The study made in 2008 by the Print Media Academy (P.M.A.), owned by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, together with the Faculty of Advertising and Marketing Communication at the Stuttgart Media University, reveals the impact of the printing on the advertising market and demonstrates that printing is an indispensable field.

The study made is one of maximum complexity, analyzing all the areas in which the print is used as a means of communication and has as scientific basis a large amount of information resulting from 80 studies and reports regarding the German market, published by the most important institutes of marketing research, professional associations, press groups and universities.

The target audience it was addressing to was certainly not the printing companies, but the marketing and media people. As a result, the comparative analysis for printed media, TV and internet and the impact of the print in the media, convince even the most reticent media strategist of the power and efficiency of printed communication. The conclusions were communicated at a congress called Future of the Printing, to which participated German experts from media, advertising, printing, IT fields.

The conclusion of this meeting of experts of the most developed and advanced media and printing markets in Europe was that printed products will continue to be an indispensable component of the media in the future and that we can not talk about war between these media agents, but rather of a exploitation of the benefits of the new opportunities.

At the end of the study, we find action recommendations for strategy and media people:

- the print should be used as a textual agent, especially when communication of the complex messaging is required. As an argument, the print qualities are listed: it informs, is contextual, multiplies and consolidates the message. - the print is recommended to be used as an advertising vehicle especially when targeting target groups with high expectations is pursued. The print has an activating effect at the emotional level and reaches an audience of consumers with considerable purchasing power, who still have a strong affinity for printed communication. Additionally, the print is credible, which makes the printed ad have a confirmed effect. -the print should not be used in the detriment of other media vehicles, but together with them for increasing the impact of advertising communication, because it has the power to compensate their shortages. The print imposes a slow, intense and long-lasting reception of information, is a systematic and long-term branding support.

Branding is important for a company because it can bring extra revenue and consolidate the image of a product or service in the eyes of consumers.

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Logo is the most representative element of corporate identity, and its components (symbol, font, color range, slogan) are the graphic expression of visual identity and part of the branding effort. The visual identity system is generally synthesized in a brand identity manual. Visual identity is just as important, whether it's a small business, a liberal profession, or a big corporation.

Visual identity is one of the most important elements that define the image of a company both in the online environment and in the real environment. The identity of a company must be as original, representative, visible and memorable as it can be, because it is a means of communication in a crowded market where your competitors use any opportunity to highlight themselves.

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