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Visual Identity - Applications

Corporate Visual Identity can cover a wide range of applications. Some of these we list them as an example: logo, business cards, letterhead, presentation folders, block-notes, envelopes, agendas, calendars, stamps, forms, press ads, cd covers, engraved plaques, email signature (stationary), screensaver, pens, office clocks, indoor & outdoor materials, software interface, products catalog, magazines, leaflets, etc.

Visual Identity - Requirements & Benefits

Each of these items we listed above can help your customer easily identify a product or a company, provide a better visibility in relation with the rest of the direct competitors, thus contributing to the success of a company.

Logo is the most representative element of corporate identity, and its components (symbol, font, color range, slogan) are the graphic expression of visual identity and part of the branding effort. The visual identity system is generally synthesized in a brand identity manual. Visual identity is just as important, whether it's a small business, a liberal profession, or a big corporation.

Visual identity is one of the most important elements that define the image of a company both in the online environment and in the real environment. The identity of a company must be as original, representative, visible and memorable as it is a means of communication in a crowded market where your competitors use any opportunity to highlight themselves.

The realization of the visual identity of any company should be treated as of the utmost importance, otherwise there is a risk that it will not be highlighted against direct competitors and thus any promotional effort will not have the desired impact.

The budget allocated to your company's visual identity should not be seen as an expense, as a risky effort, being certainly an investment that will attract multiple benefits.


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