Branding Strategy

The importance of a clear brand image and some well-perceived attributes in the perception of the public is proven by the success of the big brands when it comes to notoriety and customer loyalty. To have a strong identity, it really takes a certain experience, market seniority and more than that, quality services and products.

Besides communication or marketing efforts, a positive and professional image is also maintained by the seriousness with which the projects, services or final product delivered are treated. In order to ensure this balance between the material part of the services provided by your company and the symbolic complex of image and reputation, it is necessary to alternate efforts to meet both business needs.

To get on the road in developing and implementing a strategic plan to increase notoriety and create a public identity, you need to know to carefully analyze your vulnerabilities with objectivity and structure your actions according to the real and quantifiable needs of the brand.

Branding strategy

A strategic branding plan includes several stages. The objectives of the campaign according to the identified needs are established, the target audience to whom the campaign messages are addressed is established, are established the channels of communication through which can be reached most easily and efficiently these categories of audience. After identifying them, it is made an analyze of the brand: are identified the values to be transmitted, the market, affiliates, partners and possible sponsors are searched. Is is focusing on important aspects of the brand and it is conceived the positioning strategy.

Besides marking strategic goals and identifying the external environment characteristics in which branding actions will be made, the graphic elements (visuals) and messages you will use in the campaign will be created. There are extensive interpretations of the chosen logo, of the chromaticity, of all the visual elements that will form the basis of the brand identity. The visual dimension must be consistent with the transmitted values.

Such campaigns are extensive actions that stretch over long periods of time and are of major importance for the brand. Therefore, it is recommended that these campaigns be coordinated by authorized persons to guarantee your success.

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