Changing Corporate Identity

Change of identity

Rebranding means first of all change, and man, through his very nature, is a being seeking stability and is, in most cases, reticent to change idea. Therefore, rebranding does not necessarily have to bring a total identity change.

If the situation so requires, we can opt for a partial rebranding: we can change, for example, only the slogan or packaging of a product when they become ineffective. Rebranding is a revitalization process in the life of a brand and should not be done at random, so it is best to ask for specialists advice.

Logo is the most representative element of company identity, and the elements that make up it (symbol, font, color range, slogan) are the graphic expression of identity. The corporate identity system is generally synthesized in a brand identity manual. Company identity is just as important, even if we are talking about a small or large company.

Visual identity is one of the most important elements that define the image of a company both in the online environment and in the real environment. The identity of a company should be as original, representative, visible and memorable as it can be because it is a means of communication with the market.

Each of these elements helps the consumer easily identify a product or company, gives him an advantage over the rest of the market, contributing to the success of a company.

We offer support for all the actions of a rebranding campaign, starting with the strategic implementation plan, until the modification of visual identity elements. Our team of graphic designers can completely remake all your visual elements.

We support bold and creative initiatives, providing the necessary support throughout the process. To complete your brand transformation, we provide the entire collection of professional printing services. You can additionally choose to create new personalized promotion materials.

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