Indoor signage

This product category is designed to personalize the interiors of corporate headquarters for an aesthetic look and a unitary image of the brand and includes items such as: light boxes, stands, roll-ups, click frames displays.

The purpose of these products can be of targeting, informative or purely decorative.

Located inside, the elements of signage and orientation give a note of elegance and seriousness to the space where they are mounted. The role of these products is to identify the spaces and organize the flow in complex locations.

Signage elements

The light boxes are signage elements of impact and very versatile, which can be made in any shape, any size, any color. At night, lightboxes are illuminated from inside, usually with fluorescent neon tube or newly with LED technology that provides extra hours of functioning and increased reliability.

By using specialized aluminum profiles and professional inscription-finishing materials, these light boxes give your identity and space new dimensions. Depending on the type of the light box and destination, it can be mounted both outside and inside.

Personalized roll - ups from the range we offer are the ideal solution for your business. With an attractive design, they are designed to inspire confidence and professionalism. Being composed of lightweight materials, our systems are very easy to carry and handle.

Each size is the result of a careful study of the impact the exposure area must have on customers. Our products are made by printing graphics at high-resolution and quality by using printing machines of last generation. They are printed with odorless inks, which are non-toxic and resistant to UV rays.

Click frames are ideal for exhibitions, fairs or events where posters, pictures, or other printed informative materials are required. They are very easy to use and come with a transparent plastic protection foil.


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(Română) caseta luminoasa global print

[:ro]Casete Luminoase[:en]Lightboxes[:]

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[:ro]Afisaj Rame Click[:en]Click Frame Display[:]

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