Painting Frames

The most appreciated interior decorations: canvas paintings or posters.

Each product is made by digital UV resistant printing, carefully finished by the entire professional team, respecting the modern assembly technique. We reproduce images at the most advanced quality on canvas or photographic paper with an advanced print technology, UV resistant, offering vivid colors and fine details to paintings.

You can frame posters and personal photos, artistic works made by you or objects collected over time to surround yourself with pleasant memories.

The painting, as well as photography, is an important decorative element, having the power to transform any space into a point of interest, transmitting color and style, offering personality and state of mind.

Personalized Paintings Services:

-You can frame printed images on special papers for offices, choosing office frames from aluminum or plastic with bussines / commercial aspect;

-You can frame art print on canvas, choosing wooden art decorative frames;

-You can frame photos for your home choosing golden or colored frames;

-You can frame both images and large-sized papers, posters and advertisements;

-Available over 50 paintings frames;

-You can personalize advertisements, posters and paintings online with unique graphics services on the online marketplace in Bucharest, file verification, text and logo customization, mounting various photo collages, etc.

We encourage and support poster printing at the highest quality. Thus, the used printers are the latest generation, incorporating the latest technology, awarded as the best digital print large format line in 2014.

The incorporated sensors of automatic calibration provide consistency and density for printing the most natural and clear posters and paintings online. High resolution poster printing, combined with the use of premium paper and the use of 8-color water-based ink with Lucia pigments with high scratch resistance, makes it possible to produce posters and sensational paintings and achieve the highest possible quality level at present.

The paper or canvas used to print posters or paintings can represent 50% of the message sent and the pleasure of looking at the printed poster or painting.


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