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When you plan to arrange your personal space, the office or the entire headquarters of the company, you will find yourself in front of a multitude of options, which of which more varied. What color palette is best suited, what pieces of furniture best fit the shades and chosen style?

Regardless of what you choose in terms of furniture and location, it is very important to keep in mind the chromatics of your visual brand elements (if you arrange the company's headquarters). A harmonious look and a warm and inviting atmosphere give you more familiarity and confidence for your brand!

As personalization styles, you can choose any of the frame paintings models, depending on the style you choose.

Possibilities to personalize the interior space with the help of printed materials:

  1. Posters - Advertisements, also known as posters, are a very effective way to display information about the company and products or services offered. The posters have a large space on which you can expose various information and contact details and because of the large size they can be seen from a considerable distance. At the same time they are seen by a large number of people, with the condition to be placed in a crowded area. Because advertisments reflect the image of the company, you must not rebate from quality, both in terms of design and print.
  2. Wallpaper - A special interior design can get you out of anonymity! The attention granted to interior design will certainly be appreciated by your customers and can turn into a competitive advantage that you did not even think of. Radically transform the space with minor redesign and minimal investments! Applying or changing the wallpaper requires small changes, but the effect created can be spectacular!
  3. Sticker - Stickers give you a practical opportunity to quickly and easily place a picture or logo on different surfaces. Especially on straight or arched surfaces it can be easier to stick than to drill. Also, removing without residue is a major advantage of the printed sticker. Strong stickers foils that give the interior the desired optical balance. Whether it's a wood imitation (mahogany, beech or rustic pine), natural marble, stained glass or any other decor you can imagine, you only have to solve one problem: the difficulty of choosing the right sticker or sticker foil between the many designs!
  4. Personalized Paintings - You can frame printed images on special papers for offices, choosing office frames from aluminum or plastic with bussines / commercial aspect. You can also frame art print on canvas, choosing wooden art décor frames or photos for your home choosing golden or colored frames. High resolution poster printing, combined with the use of premium paper and the use of 8-color water-based ink with Lucia pigments with high scratch resistance, makes it possible to produce posters and sensational paintings and achieve the highest possible quality level at present.


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