The sticker was and is the base element indispensable in advertising and marketing. The sticker can be used from simple labeling to the most complicated branding works in advertising.

Stickers give you a practical opportunity to quickly and easily place a picture or logo on different surfaces. Especially on straight or arched surfaces it can be easier to stick than to drill. Also, elimination without residue is a major advantage of the printed sticker.

Strong foil stickers that give the interior the desired optical balance. Whether it's a wood imitation (mahogany, beech or rustic pine), natural marble, stained glass or any other decor you can imagine, you only have to solve one problem: the difficulty of choosing the right sticker or foil sticker between the many designs!

The foil sticker can be glued to any smooth, glossy, finished surface.

Personalized sticker printing services dedicated to indoor exposure, for various applications, personalized labels. Whether you label the items in your company or a shop window, you can do everything very easily with personalized sticker or labels.

Compared to wallpaper, the printed supports on the sticker can be attached to any surface. Whether you want to beautify a decorative space, or to use it for advertising purposes, the usefulness of the printed and personalized sticker is recognized and appreciated. You can choose a sticker printed with photo images, painting type without using a frame or a rigid support, or it is used sticker with branded elements (sign, logo, promotional message). Adaptation options are multiple, depending on your goals.



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