Advertisements, also known as posters, are a very effective way to display information about the company and the products or services offered.

The posters have a large space on which you can expose various information and contact details and because of the large size they can be seen from a considerable distance. At the same time they are seen by a large number of people, under condition that they are placed in a crowded area.

In marketing campaigns, advertisements have an increased popularity due to low production costs, which is why more and more companies choose to use them, saving considerable amounts.

Advertisements promotion is an effective way to increase awareness of products, services, or even of the brand among potential customers. Because advertisements reflect the image of the company, you must not rebate from quality, both in terms of design and print.

Design may vary depending on the message you want to send, but there are a few rules that you should not deviate from: it is necessary to include the company logo and contact details in the design.

Indoor ink without odor and without chemical solvents! Perfect for interior posters.

Posters of any size

A4 / A3 / A2 / A1 / A0 up to 110 x 250 cm maximum format

No odor and no chemical solvents. The ink used for poster printing is water-based, which makes posters suitable for interiors, including special spaces. The posters can be used in kindergartens, restaurants, medical clinics, beauty salons, hotels and hostels, etc.

For a special aspect of posters, you have available premium papers such as:

  1. Silver Paper: Premium Paper 250g / square meter with metallic appearance, recommended for very large resolutions. It has the power to emphasize metallic character, being indicated in areas such as jewelery, industrial, automobile, etc.
  2. Art Paper / Canvas: Various thicknesses and textures that allow the printing of authentic paintings, artistic portraits and artworks. Ensures an impressive image depth, and in combination with pigment inks can be achieved the highest level of quality.
  3. Ultra White Paper: High degree of whiteness that gives a natural look. It's the right paper for large posters viewed closely. With exceptional brightness, posters leave the feeling of professional high-quality work.
  4. Offset Paper 70x100 cm: Matte or glossy double coated paper that allows a wide range of images to be made in classic print quality. The minimum print run for offset posters is 300 pieces. Allows the lowest cost for printed posters.
  5. Pearl Paper: Satin paper with natural white pearl finish that allows for high-impact effects and tints. The final appearance of the printed posters will be impressive. It is recommended for both portraits, wedding posters, but also landscapes and very big posters.
  6. High Glossy Paper: This is the paper with the most accentuated glossy that allows you to get highly glossy posters. It is suitable for posters promoting cosmetics, premium or luxury events and products.

Graphic poster customization services -1,99 Euro / poster you benefit from dedicated customer support services. For larger print runs, our sales representatives will come to your headquarters for poster samples presentation and qualified consultancy.




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