Refresh for the interior!

A special interior design can get you out of anonymity! Your attention to interior design will certainly be appreciated by your customers and can turn into a competitive advantage that you did not even think of. Choose now solutions for good decorations for both for living spaces and playgrounds for kids!

Rely on the optimal technology! Versatile, flexible and durable, the print based on latex ink is the solution you need. Incredibly durable, the materials so made are easy to clean and cope with scratches.

Count on latex for the interior! The materials produced meet all the UL GREENGUARD standards and don't have the disturbing odor that you can feel about materials using other printing technologies.

Radically transform the space with minor refurbishments and minimal investments! Applying or changing the wallpaper requires small changes, but the effect created can be spectacular!

Looking for a solution to replace classic paintings? Choose wallpaper and print at impressive resolutions your favorite images: dynamic or abstract, playful or sober, vibrant or pastel.

The paper makes 50% of the message and the pleasure of looking at the wallpaper made! Choose now from the largest range of premium paper, economic papers, special technical papers, photo papers, special papers and fine art, high quality canvas - all available in stock! At any time, you have over 50 different types and thicknesses of paper.




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