Personalized Greeting Cards

Maintain a good communication with your business partners throughout the year, regardless of the occasion, choose personalized greeting cards! Greeting cards are a good solution to strengthen business relationships or to engender loyalty from customers, bringing a personal "touch" to your relationships and mutual trust. Greeting cards are the way you can elegantly announce events or occasions. Whether they are Christmas greeting cards, Easter greeting cards, March 8 greeting cards, presented in an elegant form and made on a special cardboard, personalized greeting cards will surely attract attention, thus contributing to strengthening your relationships.

A personalized greeting card is a way of expressing feelings with a deep personal touch, which will be easily distinguished through the avalanche of emails and impersonal communications. Although personalized greetings are usually offered on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, March 8 or other holidays, you can choose personalized greetings, including to communicate certain messages and special events.

Personalized Greeting Cards - Prices

Greeting Cards can be personalized entirely or one of the 200 models proposed in our downloadable catalog at the end of this page can be edited. Regardless of the option chosen for personalized greeting cards, these are achieved with the help of, hybrid printing technology, which ensures a top quality level without having minimal print run conditions.

The price for personalized greeting cards printed on special cardboard from the premium range is 0.55 euro + VAT (Ice Silver or Ice Gold - proposed by us for the pearly metallic effect especially for holidays and special events) and includes the personalization of both the image and the text area, also includes afferent envelopes. For standard coated cardboards the price of personalized greeting cards decreases significantly. You can choose from a range of over 500 special cardboards produced worldwide so that brand values ​​can be best represented, including regarding chosen cardboard.

For Quality Personal Relationships choose Personalized Greeting Cards.

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[:ro]Felicitari 15 x 21 cm[:en]Greeting Cards 15 x 21 cm[:]

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