Greeting Cards 15 x 21 cm

15 x 21 cm greeting cards are a great idea to build relationships and to create customers loyalty. You can invest in a good communication with your partners throughout the year regardless of the occasion by offering personalized 15 x 21 cm greeting cards! The personalized 15 x 21 cm greeting cards are the way that any company keeps in touch in an elegant way to highlight the importance of your business partner and also highlights the fact that you appreciate the direct and quality personal relationships.

A greeting card is also a way of expressing feelings, a strong personal touch added to relationships that in most cases tend to be superficial. Although greeting cards are usually offered for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter or other holidays, you can choose to transmit 15 x 21 cm greeting cards when you want to share certain events and special messages. Greeting cards are usually packed with an envelope and can be distributed directly to the recipient. Greeting cards, as well as related envelopes, are printed on various types of paper or cardboards from standard cardboards to special cardboards.

15 x 21 cm greeting cards characteristics

The 15 x 21 cm preprinted greeting cards, whose range includes 200 graphic designs, are made on pearlescent Ice Silver cardboard from premium range, which we propose for the metal effects offered to the print, effects that introduce us into the atmosphere of holidays and special events.

Available 15 X 21 cm Greeting Cards Finishing - cut out special shapes, special processing with folio, emboss or deboss, selective UV or 3D textured varnish.

Greeting cards 15 X 21 cm - Personalization Prices

The 15 x 21 cm preprinted greeting cards are double and include in the price of 0.55 euro + VAT the envelope and personalization of both the image and the area dedicated to the text message. The 15 x 21 cm greeting cards are made using the hybrid printing technology that offers the benefits of both offset printing (top quality) and digital printing (without the minimum print run).

For a 100% custom personalization, you have the possibility to choose one of over 500 special cardboards in stock (selecting special cardboards being a creative act) or you can opt for a significant reduction in costs by choosing standard coated cardboards or offset.

The presented models in the downloadable catalog at the end of this page can be edited / modified according to brand values, regarding both the image and the text message you want to forward. Printing the edited greeting cards can be made regardless of the number of greeting cards you want.

You can also choose the full personalization option by printing your own graphic file if you already have an existing graphic design.

You can impress your clients and business partners by sending them full personalized greeting cards.

We support the keeping of special relationships

Greeting Cards 15 X 21 cm Printing on Premium Cardboard


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