Lately, textiles materials inscription has grown. Thanks to the pigments and the quality of the paints, the logos printed on different textiles preserve their color and quality for a long time. With the help of thermal transfer we can print various textile materials such as: t-shirts, blouses, caps, scarves, backpacks, uniforms, sports equipment, overalls.

Thermal transfer can be done when the textile material does not allow personalization by direct serigraphy. The supports used for textile inscription through thermal transfer are: cutter-plotter film, digital printable transparent foil and thermal transfer paper for laser printers. The process ensures a durable transfer for textiles, which does not break or decolourize with the passing of time.

Ideal for textiles personalization in small and medium print runs, digital printing is one of the most wanted personalization methods at this time by many fashion designers for print finesse. Thanks to the pleasing sensation that prints gives on the material, more and more customers prefer this printing method, including for very large orders, as the ink enters the fabric and leaves no pellicle on the surface of the material, making it pleasant to touch.

Personalized textiles do not need special care, and product label compliance being in most cases sufficient. However, in order for personalization to not be depreciated over time it is necessary to pay some attention to several aspects:

- washing will be done at temperatures up to 30-40 degrees Celsius;

- the use of bleach is forbidden;

- washing of personalized textiles is always done inside out;

- wringing of textiles will be done at low speeds;

- ironing the textiles will be done inside out.




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