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Graphic design is the visual communication art or profession that combines images, words, ideas and conveys information to an audience. A graphic designer is responsible for organizing and using elements on different types of media, such as a poster, a package, or a website.

Graphic design is all around us. We find it on our way to work in the morning, on the cover of our favorite books, on concert tickets, on logos, on business cards, on billboards, on product packaging, on websites, on posters, on greeting cards or in newspapers.

A graphic design project involves stylising and presenting existing text either in pre-existing images or in images made by the graphic designer. For example, news from a newspaper begins with journalists and photojournalists, and then the work is taken over by the designer who organizes the news and the page in the required elements with the incorporation of the necessary graphic elements.

Graphic design development on the computer since the mid-1980s has allowed immediate visualization of print effects, allowing for urgent changes. However, traditional tools such as pencils, markers are useful even when computers are used to complete the project. Many designers use hand-drawn sketches to lay the foundations of the idea, the incipient phase of the project being created in the basic technique, and ultimately the idea to be finalized on a computer using graphics and design software tools.

Graphic designers can work in a variety of sectors, such as design consultancy, branding agencies, advertising, marketing, communications companies, and independent.

The Global Print Printing Company will provide complete graphic design for any promotional material. Our graphic design specialists can create the desired design from scratch according to your brand's specificity. This internalized graphic construction service within our printing house has been implemented to help you with the purpose of removing any risk of inconsistency in graphics with the features necessary for optimal printing. We provide both the graphic verification service, if you already have a design made, and the full construction service. Integration of graphic creation services, offset printing and digital printing is imposed by the need to complete printing products on time. Possible communication errors between the agency and the printing house are this way avoided.


We provide professional services of product design graphic construction!

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