Packaging Design

Whether the product is premium or low cost, the packaging must remain at the highest standards because it is the business card of its content and of the brand you want to promote. Until direct contact with the marketed product, the buyer pays great attention to the packaging and presentation mode. Packaging design should quickly attract eyes and generate confidence for potential buyers.

The concept of successful packaging begins with the centralization of all elements that relate to your company's identity, with the determination of the customers type to which the product addresses and the knowing the competition. Because it is an essential aspect in presenting your products, we offer integrated concept and packaging design services.

Packaging is the last contact that consumers have with a product before buying it and therefore is often a decisive factor in buying decision. But beyond the requirements it must achieve in terms of appearance, a packaging design must meet a number of specific and sometimes rigid criteria regarding reliability and functionality. Precisely for these reasons the packaging design implies paying special attention to both the aesthetic and the pragmatic components.

Packaging design plays an important role as an informational vehicle, containing details about ingredients, how to use, storage, nutritional intake and price. In the aesthetic treatment of the packaging, consideration must be given to the existence of a sensory complex, which determines a manifestation of approval or rejection by the aesthetic sense of each individual, by the emotional effect triggered by the act of buying and consumption.

Designing a packaging design requires knowledge of industrial design, knowledge of aesthetics and knowledge of purchasing psychology.


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