Various Die Cuts Design

The need for differentiation also requires the final shape of the finished product to be adapted. Atypical forms attract more attention and provoke curiosity to customers. A die cut (cut out form - design die cut) can be applied to most advertising materials.

The design of the die cut should be made by an experienced specialist as it involves very complex technical procedures. An imperfect die cut can lead to product compromise, which ultimately leads to unpleasant consequences and additional costs.

Besides chromatic, die cutting is another branch of printing. Die cut design is interposed between imagination and the final product. By die cutting, we can give the desired shape to a folder, a printed catalog, or to any desired product. Variation and complexity depend exclusively on the imagination and ideas of each. Die-cutting a cardboard turns it into a box of the desired size. Practically, through die-cutting any form can be made.

Ideal design implies creative ideas and their individual transposition into practice, so that packaging to already signal the virtues of your product. Innovative die-cutting and printing techniques transform corrugated cardboard packaging into attractive advertising vectors. Thanks to our latest generation technology, we can execute die-cutting design of an impeccable quality for a wide range of products.


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