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A successful graphic design, an original / unique graphic creation, outlines the identity of the company, giving consistency to the message that will be printed. The visual modality through which your company presents itself influences customer perception about the values, products and services offered.

Starting from a pre-established creative theme, adapted to the field of activity and corporate values, then passing through a number of methods and techniques of information conversion through digital technology, it reaches to 2-3 creative graphics proposals. The proposed graphic design concepts will offer besides visual attractiveness also real communication and marketing solutions, through all the stages required by an effective marketing plan.

The existence of a team of professional graphic artists, advanced computer graphics stations, and the success of the companies that have decided to entrust us their previous graphic design projects, offers us the opportunity to offer you the guarantee of professional and of a real success services for your brand. The existence of a consolidated graphic creation department supports and strengthens the decision of a possible collaboration for graphic design projects.

Graphic creation - procedures

Creative graphics projects begin with a brief, resulting from the discussions of Global Graphic Sales Representative and your representative, containing complete information about the desired graphic services, the product to be printed and about the company. It is preferable to be accompanied by the corporate identity manual.

Graphic creation involves 2D or 3D graphics, hand-drawn drawing or photo sessions. For graphic design projects a deadline is agreed upon. As a rule, for every graphic creation project, there are 2-3 creative proposals. Upon request, 5 different graphic concepts can be worked out for a fee for additional graphic services.

The price for graphic creation services is set according to the complexity of the graphic design project, depending on the quality of the materials and information provided by the client and the deadline. The price for graphics services is set in advance, with the argument that a lot of work is being done and resources are consumed to reach 2-3 distinct creative proposals. We are going to make changes to your favorite creative option, so that the right result (creative design) for the total price and execution time is finally achieved.

The final graphic creation can be used in several later creative projects. The graphical files will be delivered to the client on CD in editable format, after full payment of the graphic creation, layout and DTP creation equivalent value. Once the files are handed over, the intellectual property rights of the graphic design projects will be transferred too.


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