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DTP (desktop publishing) is the most technical and important step in achieving the highest quality print. This graphic operation requires advanced technic knowledge and special attention. Graphical DTP services ensure the conversion and framing of the graphics layout in the technical parameters of the printing machinery of the already existing graphics file, namely checking and correcting all graphic elements so that they can be precise interpreted and generated on films or on the typographic plate.

The DTP graphics services are assured after the graphic editing stage and require verification, correction, finishing and specific framing, thus guaranteeing the digital format shifting of the graphic layout to printing format without any technical risks or errors (altered colors, output from format, text deformed, unrecognized font, etc.).

The desirability of a good quality print and finally a successful printed product requires the integration of graphic creation services, editing on the one hand with DTP and printing on the other. In this way, generated errors by technically different graphic equipment and poor communication between the graphic services company and producing printing company can be avoided.

DTP - procedures

Pricing DTP graphics services is done per hour, recommended price of 25 Euro + VAT / hour of graphics. Special price per hour of DTP graphic services - 15 Euro / hour.

Graphic designs will be delivered to the customer on CD in editable format, after full payment of the graphics and DTP services. With the handing over of all the graphic files, the intellectual property rights of those projects will be transferred too.


Services of DTP print preparation

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