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Graphics editing - values

Graphics editing, arranging all the graphic elements in a carefully chosen form is decisive for the printed materials to attract interest, to be fully covered and with great ease.

Depending on the finished product format and the point of interest of each graphic design project, graphic editing services involve image processing, font management, improvements, photo cutting, vectorization, composing or collage making, inserting and editing text, as well as adding details or graphic design elements to get a representative overview image.

In most cases, photos and text require processing of the initial form. Images processing can be simple (adjusting and calibrating brightness, calibrating and enhancing colors, cropping objects that will be used, increasing contrast, removing impurities) or complex (tricks, montage, collages). Such graphic processing services are provided with dedicated programs and techniques, resulting generation of a coherent ensemble of text and image.

For completing and correlating the graphics services provided, we also provide professional photo service. For details, visit the dedicated photo services page.

Graphic editing - procedures

Graphic editing begins after the completion of the graphics creation stage. Pricing of graphic editing services and DTP is done per hour. Graphic processing requires a similar amount of time and resources as for DTP (Desktop Publishing) operations, so it is also recommended for graphic editing the same price 25 Euro + VAT / hour reduced now to only 15 Euro / hour of graphics.

Resulted raphic files from processing will be given in editable format after full payment of the cost of graphic design services, photo processing and DTP.


Graphic editing services and photo processing services

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