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The construction of a well-structured web site with a strong visual impact that can achieve the growth of a company's business must be done by a team of specialists from distinct domains: designer for the creative part, visual photographer, graphic designer for optimal image and information placement, programmer - software specialist in the basic part of the site, promotion specialist and optimization of SEO search engines.

The site building solutions offered by the Template, Basic, Practical and Premium packages are our strengths. From the architecture and graphic form of the site until assurance of primacy in search engines, every detail of the site is customized to your needs. The ultimate goal is not just the online presence of the company you represent, but the need for the site to become an important means of revenue generation.

A quality online presence generates significant increases for your company, improves the brand's awareness and increases the confidence of the potential customers in the presented offer. A positive image is hard to build or maintain, all the more in the present when online visibility is an essential criterion for success. It is recommended that much of your marketing strategy focuses on improving your web page and your own presentation website and, more importantly, optimizing websites for mobile and notepad.


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Strategie online marketing

Abordarea strategica si integrata a produselor online este obligatorie in vederea obtinerii de rezultate notabile pe aceasta directie de marketing. O strategie online de succes presupune o analiza preliminara, o strategie online coerenta, atat de dezvoltare, cat si de pozitionare precum si aplicarea regulilor de marketing si comunicare.

O comunicare interactiva puternica se construieste in timp, urmarind o strategie online concreta precum si obiective cuantificabile. Obiectivul nostru este sa intelegem ceea ce doriti sa comunicati si sa gasim un mod creativ de a genera un grad ridicat de implicare din partea consumatorului.

Toate marile realizari pornesc de la planuri bine structurate, ghidate de inovatie si focusate pe strategie. Suntem de parere ca dezvoltarea unei strategii de comunicare eficienta si urmarirea punctuala a implementarii liniilor directoare, stau la baza obtinerii rezultatelor pozitive de concentrare a mesajului catre consumator.

Proiectele online de succes sunt definite de functionalitate, comunitate si continut. Ne mandrim cu capacitatea noastra de a analiza starea curenta a planului dvs de marketing digital, precum si implicatiile acestuia asupra procesului de pozitionare.

Marketingul online ofera avantajul prezentarii de materiale promotionale interactive,care pot intruni asteptarile fiecarui tip de cumparator. In loc sa creeze un mesaj unic, asa cum se intampla in promovarea de masa, marketingul online permite crearea de "brosuri interactive" care permit potentialilor clienti sa aleaga informatia pe care vor sa o vada si momentul cand vor sa o vada. Publicitatea online este mai apropiata de vanzarea personala decat orice altceva.

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strategie si promovare web


Online marketing strategy

The strategic and integrated approach of online products is mandatory in order to obtain notable results in this direction of marketing. A successful online strategy involves a preliminary analysis, a coherent online strategy, both development and positioning as well as the application of marketing and communication rules.

A strong interactive communication builds over time, pursuing a concrete online strategy as well as quantifiable goals. Our goal is to understand what you want to communicate and to find a creative way to generate a high level of consumer engagement.

All the great achievements start from well-structured, innovation-guided and strategy-focused plans. We believe that the development of an effective communication strategy and the punctual tracking of the implementation of the guidelines are the basis of obtaining the positive results of concentration of the message to the consumer.

Successful online projects are defined by functionality, community and content. We are proud of our ability to analyze the current state of your digital marketing plan and its implications about the positioning process.

Online marketing offers the advantage of presenting interactive promotional materials that can meet the expectations of each type of buyer. Instead of creating a unique message, as it happens with mass promotion, online marketing allows the creation of "interactive brochures" that allow to potential customers to choose the information they want to see and when they want to see it. Online advertising is closer to personal sale more than anything else.


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Strategy and web promotion

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