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Google AdWords campaigns must be a well-integrated part of the company's overall strategies. Thus, it is recommended that the start of the campaigns to be doubled by special offers or by launching products and services that have high value on the market.

Also, for maximum results, there is a need for careful thinking text ads and more important keyword search phrases. Once Google AdWords campaigns are launched, sponsored links need to be carefully monitored, and as a result of these signals, key messages and key phrases will be continually adjusted until the most effective, best-targeted option is reached.

Art is to find the optimal solution by avoiding situations where online advertising budgets are wasted and situations where key phrases restrict visitors area, thus damaging through elimination of potentially interested clients.

Managing Google AdWords campaigns through the particulars presented is a service that requires a high level of knowledge and experience, thus being a webmaster's apanage.

Google AdWords Campaign Advantages:

-Your message only appears to those who are interested, only when the customer needs it.

-Ad appears only if it matches what the user is looking for, it will not be displayed to people who are not interested, as is the case with commercials broadcast via tv, banners, etc. We can say that your ad will be displayed at the right time.

-AdWords is a system where you can measure the impact of your campaign, with access to information such as the number of users who saw your ad.

-You have control over your budget because you decide on the budget for the campaign.

-There is no minimum cost to invest in AdWords. Otherwise, if you think fit, you can stop the campaign at any time.

-Pay per click / pay per visitor: pay only when a user visits the site via the ad. Basically, you only pay for people interested in your products.

Included services

-Online Advertising by managing Adwords promotional campaigns sponsored links;

-Paid Online Advertisement in the form of simple banners or flash animation. Banners will appear on sites with very high traffic. Ad material will be posted through Google or through direct contracts with the owners of these sites;

-Online advertising - manual enrollment of company presentation texts as well as products and services offered on 20-500 online electronic catalogs - database portals with information about the companies in the market, respecting the SEO optimization principles (details Search Engine Optimization). Where portals allow it will also attach presentation material and company logo. If registration of the texts and advertising materials will be done automatically through dedicated software for this type of operation, search engines will definitely penalize these registrations and indirectly your company's website. Moreover, it is not recommended to be enrolled, posted on more than 2-3 portals in one day;

-Manual registration of the company's logo where it is possible;

-Editing presentation texts based on SEO principles, will be pursued the creation of advertising texts full of keywords;

-Analyzing and identifying portals and qualitative sections for the field of activity. If there is no section for the company's domain of activity within the portal, registration, publication is not recommended and can lead to penalizations in certain search engine.

Online advertising - advantages offered

-Your company's site will attract more visitors, due to the posting of anchor texts full of keywords, with links to the site, in the portals that allow it;

-An excellent targeting so that advertising budgets are used to the full, without wasting anything;

-The search engines will raise the site by signing up on as many quality portals as possible;

-Practically you will be advertised in 500 catalogs Yellow Pages type, the only differences being that they are not printed, but will be like online advertising and we will have a much lower cost, but with better results due to the possibilities of targeting;

-Fast and extended market visibility;

Online advertising is growing in a rapid pace, the number of competitors in the online environment is growing exponentially.

For now there is an important opportunity, due to the still low online advertising level.


Google AdWords Promotion

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