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Regardless of the size of your business or its specificity, you definitely need online advertising campaigns to be able to be on the market and be as visible as possible to major customers or partners! With the digitization of all services, especially retail and commerce activity in the online environment, links to this environment have become a necessity. Presence and keeping your brand awareness has become a differentiating factor between having a profitable and successful business or not. Online relationships have become as important as on the telephone or direct ones.

Compared to traditional advertising, online advertising is cheaper and more campaigns can be made from the natural budget allocated to promotional and marketing actions, with lower cost but much more effective.

How is it possible? Online efficiency consists primarily in targeting the audience more clearly and precise. The efforts to send the desired messages directly to the public, the potential customer, are diminished and communication is thus more efficient and more profitable for you!

Another important advantage of the online promotion is that the exposure of the message is 24/7 compared to the traditional means of promotion where the time of exposure is limited by human, physical, demographic factors, etc.

Promotional services are active as much as you want, or as much as you invest in those communication channels. Moreover, online actions can be monitored and concluded in clear guidelines that can be used later to improve future or even ongoing campaigns! The flexibility of online offers the possibility to real-time correction of potential procedural errors, maximizing the success of the investment made.

For online advertising, we provide our full range of web strategy and promotion services: Google AdWords campaigns, e-mail marketing and complex online promotion strategies customized to your brand needs!

Also, Global Print Printing Company provides the advertising tools specific to offline promotion: professional printing services and personalization of corporate materials. These can complement the online promotion strategy, bringing added visibility and conversions. We guarantee superior quality for print and made materials.

Personalized offline promotional tools you can use in campaigns:

Small sizes - leaflets, flyers, catalogs, magazines, folders, office / wall calendars Large sizes - posters, roll-ups, large calendars, light boxes, clip frames, presentation stands


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