Duplex Cardboard Packaging

Duplex cardboard packaging printing

Duplex cardboard packaging can be printed in various shapes and sizes, the thickness of the cardboard can vary between 200-350gr / sqm. The print can have as a support a wide range of cardboards, from duplex, triplex, to strompack or other high quality cardboards. In the case of duplex cardboards (tea boxes, medicine boxes, various packaging products textile industry, food industry packaging, etc.), for better print quality, it is recommended the cardboard with a creased face.

Duplex cardboard packaging finishing

  1. Matte or shiny plasticizing;
  2. Simple or selective varnishing;
  3. Debossing stamp
  4. Metallic foil 38 colors available

Duplex cardboard packaging advantages

  1.  There are ecological, recyclable and non-toxic materials; corrugated cardboard is one of the most ecological and solid packaging materials that is not overtaken from the point of view of economic and ecological performance by any other material;
  2. They are flexible, light, hygienic, able to come into contact with food; they are characterized by stiffness and very good resistance;
  3. They are resistant to fats, gases, hydrocarbons, acids (paper treated by covering and lamination); can be printed.

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