Non-Personalized Scotch

Scotch is a good choice for situations where you want to seal different boxes, send packages, stick / secure any other material containing information, products or confidential data. Ensures expeditions security by post or courier. It can also be used to personalize boxes or bags, to personalize stands, showcases, or to delimit areas of exposure to fairs and exhibitions.Besides its usefulness, which has already become a certainty, scotch type adhesive tapes can be effective promotional tools. Adhesive tapes personalized with brand elements are recommended when you send a package or transport products, your logo or name will be visible and remarked.

Although it is a relatively small instrument, it can have a strong visual impact. Although the standard features are 50mx66m / roll, the size of the order can vary and can be made on any size or length you will need. They can be customized to suit your needs.

Non-personalized scotch tapes are ordered on a standard size of 50mx66m / roll.

Adhesive tapes are quality, made of polypropylene with "Acrylic" adhesive. It can be white, transparent or brown.


- the color of the tape transparent or brown - PP material - thickness 32 microns - roll size 50 mm x 66 m - stock product




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