Standard Covers Books

The books can be printed in various shapes and sizes, the recommended paper thickness for the standard cover being between 200-300 gr / sqm. For interior is recommended paper between 80-115 gr / sqm.

We print standard covers books, hard covers in small print runs. Generally this kind of publications is appreciated for the informations the author writes on the book pages, but also the aesthetic and tactile aspect of the finished product is very important. In the case of a low budget, we offer you the book printing in conditions of competitive prices, but without a rebate of quality, so we recommend black and white printing of the book's interior on 70-80 gr / sqm offset paper and color print for the cover on cardboard of 300 gr / sqm.

This is actually the chosen solution for printing of about 85% of books published in Romania. If the budget is more generous and the content requires it, you can opt for color printed interior with suggestive pictures and graphs on double-coated matte or glossy paper, plus a 300-350 gr / sqm special cardboard cover finished by plasticizing and selective varnishing.

For books cover there are the following finishing possibilities:

- Matte or shiny plasticizing;

- Simple or selective varnishing;

- Die cutting for rounding corners or books in atypical forms;

- Covering (application by gluing on a cardboard support of a printed sheet).

Cover design:

The cover is very important in promoting a book. Appearance and first impression are decisive, and a cover made in a professional way will have a much stronger impact on the reader. That's why, besides professional printing and special finishing services, we provide full graphic design creation services for your works.

Cover art is a very requested service by partners we have worked with so far.

Copyright for the illustrations used - these are provided by the author who has to make sure he has the right to use those pictures.

The quality of the photographs - in the selection of the illustrations he provides, the author is kindly asked to note that they must meet the minimal aesthetic and qualitative requirements (dimensions, resolution).

Informations for cover IV (back of the book), such as: author photo, short text book presentation, list of works by the same author, etc.


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