Labels printed in sheets – applications

Printed materials like the labels printed in sheet or offset printed labels are considered to be better than digitally printed labels and are destined mainly for manual labeling. The labels offset printed in sheets are mainly used for labeling medium and high quality products.

The labels printed in sheets are not resistant to alkaline solutions, water or UV radiations and cannot be applied on refrigerated products. For this kind of products and conditions the right choices is flexo labels printed in rolls. Sheet labels can be printed on any kind of paper, including special labeling paper, they can be printed with special Pantone inks and can be subjected to special finishes, like special cutting to the desired design, matte or shiny plasticization, UV selective lacquering, etc.


Labels printed in sheets applications – production terms

The labels printed in sheets can be delivered in one day, if our free service of keeping the stock of ordered labels is used. Also, the labels printed in sheets can be urgently printed if you use the express offset printing service – one day. Standard production term for offset printed labels in sheet is three to five days.

We support your business by supplying a permanent stock of sheet printed labels!




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