Production – Technical details

Bar-code labels are among the most used and sough-after ways to register the products If you own a retail business or you just need an efficient labeling instrument, bar-code labels are the best choice! Below you have a list with the technical details for the production of this kind of labels.

Production - Technical Details

Bar-code labels used for production are manually applied, because they are made for small or medium circulations. These labels can be printed offset, digitally or flexo, depending on the circulation ordered. They can be printed on self-adhesive paper, stickers, offset, special labeling paper or double coated paper, according to your choice.

  • Self-adhesive bar-code labels can be printed in any size.
  • Self-adhesive bar-code labels can be printed in black and white, or in colors.
  • The labels can be printed in any circulations, so you can order bar-code labels in very small circulations.
  • The bar-code labels can have two or more bar-codes, and also other variable data.
  • The bar code labels can have other variable data, used in production processes.

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