Labels printed in roll

We print labels in roll only in large circulations, because they are made for automatic labeling in mass production departments. Labels in roll are printed in flexo technology. Printing rolls of flexo labels require extra costs for flexo plates and for flexo punchers. This costs are to be paid only with the first order. The production term for the flexo labels in rolls is longer, especially for the first order. This kind of labels can be order with a buffer stock, only if the stock is paid in advance.

The labels in roll printed in flexo technology are high quality labels, they are used mostly for labeling medium and premium products. The labels in roll offset printed are used mostly for low cost products like canned fruits or vegetables. The auto-adhesive labels printed in rolls can be resistant to alkaline solutions, water resistant, UV resistant or they can be used to label frozen or refrigerated foods.

It is recommended that for premium products the label used should be printed on special materials, as metalized or transparent polypropylene. Also special Pantone inks can be used. The labels can also have special finishes like: special cut or embossed design, total or partial lacquering, multiple pages exposure, etc.

Labels printed in rolls – production terms

The labels printed in rolls can be delivered in one day, if our free service of keeping the stock of ordered labels ins used. For flexo labels printed in rolls we can make urgent one day deliveries only if the flexo labels are in stock.

For the flexo labels minimum production term is seven days for the first order and five days for the next sequel orders. For offset printed labels we offer the express offset printing service – one day. 

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(Română) etichete autocolante in rola

[:ro]Aspecte Tehnice Productie - Etichete in rola[:en]Production – Technical Details[:]


Etichetele in rola sunt aplicate cu masini de etichetare automata, fiind destinate productiei de mare volum. Ca aspecte tehnice de productie a etichetelor in rola, se poate utiliza tiparul offset sau tiparul flexografic. Pentru tiparul offset particularitatea este imposibilitatea stantarii, etichete in rola tiparite offset fiind rectangulare.

Aspecte tehnice etichete

Pentru tiparul flexo avem o gama variata de suporturi tipografice si posibilitatea stantarii etichetelor conform designului dorit.  Etichetele flexo pot fi tiparite pe hartie autocolanta, hartie cu adeziv neutralizat sau polipropilena (COEX). Indiferent de tehnologia de productie, etichetele in rola pot avea unul sau mai multe coduri de bare. Etichetele flexo implica anumite costuri suplimentare, precum placile flexo si stantele flexo, costuri implicate doar la prima comanda.

Etichetele flexo in rola pot fi comandate cu stoc tampon, fara costuri de depozitare, dar conditionat de achitarea integrala a stocului. Avantajul net al constituirii de stoc este acela al rapiditatii la livrare, etichetele putand fi livrate in maxim 1-2 zile de la solicitare.                

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The labels in rolls are applied only with automatic labeling machines, so they are destined for high volume production. For labels in roll we can use offset printing or flexographic printing. One technical characteristic of offset printing is that the labels can not be cut in special forms – offset printed labels in rolls are rectangular.


Labels – Technical Details

For flexo printing we have a wide range or typographic materials 5o. We can also offer the possibility of cutting the labels according to the desired design. The flexo labels can be printed on self-adhesive paper, on paper coated with neutralized adhesive or on polypropylene (COEX). The labels printed in rolls can have one or more bar-codes, irrespective of the printing technology used. The flexo labels require extra costs for flexo plates and for flexo punchers. These costs are to be paid only with the first order.

The flexo labels printed in rolls can be order with a buffer stock, without storage costs, but the stock should be fully paid in advance. The advantage of having a stock is that it ensures an urgent delivery, the labels can be delivered in one, two days maximum.


We support your business by supplying a permanent stock of labels!


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(Română) tipar etichete in rola

[:ro]Etichete Rola Aplicatii[:en]Labels in Roll Applications[:]


Etichete in rola aplicatii, tiparite prin tehnologie flexo, sunt etichete de calitate ridicata fiind destinate in principal inregistrarii produselor medii si premium. Etichete rola tiparite offset sunt destinate in principal produselor low cost precum conservelor de fructe sau legume.

Etichete cu diverse forme si dimensiuni se regasesc intr-o gama larga de culori simple sau fluorescente si au o multitudine de intrebuintari:

  1. etichete de pret
  2. etichete pentru span textil
  3. etichete pentru marcarea datei productiei si a expirarii
  4. etichete pentru coduri

Etichetele in rola autoadezive pot fi rezistente la solutii alcaline, rezistente la apa, rezistente la razele UV sau pot fi aplicate pe produse alimentare refrigerate.

Pentru produsele din gama premium, etichetele se recomanda sa fie tiparite pe materiale speciale precum polipropilena metalizata sau transparenta, sa fie tiparite cu cerneluri speciale Pantone sau sa aiba finisari speciale precum: stante conform design dorit, lacuire totala sau partiala, prezentare.         

  Sustinem productia dvs prin asigurarea unui stoc permanent de etichete rola!


Labels in roll applications, printed through flexo tehnology, are high-quality labels being intended mainly for the recording of medium and premium products. Offset printed roll labels are mainly intended for low-cost products such as canned fruit or vegetables.

Labels of various shapes and sizes are found in a wide range of simple or fluorescent colors and have a variety of uses:

  1. price labels
  2. labels for swarf textile
  3. labels to mark production and expiration date
  4.  code labels

Self-adhesive labels in roll can be resistant to alkaline solutions, water-resistant, UV-resistant or can be applied to refrigerated food.

For premium range products, labels are recommended to be printed on special materials such as metallic or transparent polypropylene, to be printed with special Pantone inks, or to have special finishes such as: die cut according to the desired design, total or partial varnishing, presentation.

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