Mailing is a complex solution for communicating commercial messages by post or courier and involves the integration of the following services:

-offset printing, for a high quality of letters, brochures or promotional materials;

-databases processing and digital printing variable data for personalizing the commercial message;

-digital personalization of the white / preprinted envelopes for a targeted communication;

-collatting, folding, inserting in envelope and automatic labeling (fulfillment), for efficiency of the allocated time on direct marketing projects;

-preparing and tracking postal forms, preparing statistics and reports, to establish the right strategies for the following direct mailing campaigns.


-Represents the solution for the need to communicate directly to the target, the target can be selected according to the desired criteria.

-Gives personal character to the commercial message.

-Ensures a confidential character to the transmitted messages, resulting an increased interest from the recipient.

-Provides the possibility to accurately calculate campaign performance by accurately measuring the results.

-It is an efficient tool for customer fidelity or reactivation.

-It does not imply high costs vs. obtained results, having the highest conversion rate.

-It offers the possibility of inserting of various media means such as CDs.

-Letters sent through the mailing service, strategic marketing actions are safe from competition, direct competitors being unable to react quickly, mailing thus creates an important competitive advantage.

For a Efficient Communication! Integrated Direct Marketing Services - Mailing.


Direct Mailing

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Billing Print


 Billing print date variabile servicii integrate

  1. Servicii grafice de optimizare a facturilor/tipizatelor pe care urmeaza a fi printate datele variabile, precum date destinatar, servicii facturate, sume facturate, termene de plata, etc;
  2. Pretiparire offset color, pentru o calitate ridicata a facturilor si pentru respectarea valorilor corporate;
  3. Prelucrare securizata baze de date si print date variabile alb-negru, pentru o emitere facila a facturilor;
  4. Inserierea simpla/dubla a tipizatelor pretiparite offset;
  5. Personalizarea plicurilor/tiparirea integrala a plicurilor, pentru un prim contact pozitiv cu destinatarul;
  6. Colare, faltuire, inserare in plic si etichetarea automata (fulfillment), pentru eficientizarea timpului alocat job-ului de billing;
  7. Inserarea suplimentara de diverse materiale publicitare;
  8. Intocmire si urmarire tipizate postale, intocmire statistici si rapoarte, pentru incasarea eficienta a contravalorii serviciilor prestate;
  9. Transmitere tipizate prin Posta sau Curier Rapid.

Billing print date variabile avantaje

  1. Poate cel mai important avantaj al printarii automate a datelor variabile, este eliminarea riscului de eroare umana, care nu poate fi evitata in cazul printarii de catre operatorii proprii ai emitentului;
  2. Billing-ul este solutia optima de emitere rapida a facturilor in numar mare, dar in timp scurt (12-24 ore). Astfel se obtine o incasare eficienta a contravalorii facturilor emise;
  3. Billing-ul asigura un caracter confidential, posibilitatea scurgeri de informatii fiind eliminata; Operatiunile de gestionare a bazei de date si de printare date variabile, precum si restul operatiunilor billing-ului sunt securizate;
  4. Pot fi transmise mesajele comerciale atasat facturilor sau chiar ca si continut al tipizatelor (promo, crosspromo, transpromo), actiunile strategice de marketing vor fi ferite de privirea competitorilor, acestia neputand reactiona rapid, billing-ul creand astfel un important avantaj competitional;
  5. Billing-ul e un eficient instrument de fidelizare a clientilor, comunicarea avand caracter personal datorita printarii de date variabile, mesajul fiind adresat direct persoanei destinatare;
  6. Billing-ul promite cea mai mare rata de conversie a mesajului publicitar atasat;
  7. Billing-ul ofera posibilitatea inserarii de diverse materiale publicitare precum CD-uile.

Billing print date variabile aplicatii

  1. Print tranzactional, emiterea de facturi date variabile pentru utilitati (apa-canal, salubritate, curent electric), pentru servicii financiare de leasing sau servicii de internet, telefonie, cablutv, etc.;
  2. Print tranzactional, emiterea extraselor bancare cu date variabile aferente tranzactiilor efectuate cu card bancar;
  3. Transmiterea de mesaje comerciale sub forma de text sau imagini, care sa urmareasca vanzarea de produse si servicii suplimentare, fidelizarea clientilor, etc.
  4. Print date variabile pe fluturasi de salarii securizati;
  5. Print date variabile coduri PIN bancare;
  6. Print-ul de date variabile este recomandat oricarui tip de tipizat financiar-contabil sau bancar.            

Rapid, Securizat si Eficient ! Servicii Integrate Print Date Variabile -Billing Print


Billing print variable data integrated services

  1. Graphical services for optimizing invoices / forms on which variable data will be printed, such as recipient data, invoiced services, invoiced amounts, payment terms, etc.;
  2. Preprinted offset color for a high quality of invoices and for respect corporate values;
  3. Secured database processing and black and white variable data printing for easy invoice issuance;
  4. Simple / double series marking of offset preprinted forms;
  5. Personalizing envelopes / the entire envelopes printing for a first positive contact with the recipient;
  6. Collating, folding, envelope inserting and automatic labeling (fulfillment), to streamline the time spent on the billing job;
  7. Additional insertion of various advertising materials;
  8. Drawing up and tracking of postal forms, drawing up statistics and reports, for efficient collection of the provided services equivalent value;
  9. Forms transmission by Post or Fast Courier.

Billing print variable data advantages

  1. Perhaps the most important advantage of automatic variable data printing is the elimination of the risk of human error, which can not be avoided in the case of printing by the issuer's own operators;
  2. Billing is the optimal solution for fast issuance of invoices in large numbers, but in short time (12-24 hours). This ensures an efficient collection of the equivalent value of the invoices issued;
  3. Billing ensures a confidential character, the possibility of leakage of information being eliminated; Database management operations and variable data printing, as well as the rest of billing operations are secured;
  4. The commercial messages can be sent attached to the invoices or even as the content of the forms (promo, crosspromo, transpromo), strategic marketing actions will be safe from the competitor's eyes, they can not react quickly, billing thus creating an important competitive advantage;
  5. Billing is an effective tool for secure customer loyalty, communication having personal character due to variable data printing, the message being addressed directly to the recipient;
  6. Billing promises the highest conversion rate of the attached advertising message;
  7. Billing offers the possibility of inserting various advertising materials such as CDs.

Billing print variable data applications

  1. Transactional printing, issuance of variable data invoices for utilities (water-channel, sanitation, electricity), for financial services of leasing or internet services, telephone, cabling, etc.;
  2. Transactional printing, issuance of bank excerpts with variable data related to transactions made by bank card;
  3. Transmitting commercial messages in the form of text or images, to track the sale of additional products and services, secure customer loyalty, etc.
  4. Print variable data on secure payroll flyers;
  5. Print variable data bank PIN codes;
  6. The variable data print is recommended for any type of financial-accounting or banking form.

Fast, Secure and Efficient! Integrated Services Print Variable Data - Billing Print

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