Variable Data Print Applications

Billing print variable data

Transactional variable data print documents include a whole range of documents such as utility invoices (water-channel, sanitation, electricity), for financial leasing services or internet services, telephony, cable TV, etc. Transactional print, issuing bank excerpts with variable data related to bank card transactions.

Transmitting commercial messages in the form of text or images, to track the sale of additional products and services, secure customer loyalty. Personalization procedures can be made on secured salary flyers or on various receipts. It is recommended for any type of financial-accounting or banking form.

Transactional Print or Billing is the effective and secure version for printing variable data from a set database. This can be printed on various financial-accounting forms, but the most common application is the invoicing of the services provided to customers, namely, phone bills, leasing, internet, etc.

Using this service, the time of issuing and expedition of these forms by services provider company to the final customers becomes more effective. The biggest advantage is that the total human error risk is eliminated, due to large data volumes that need to be processed within a very short time frame.


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