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Billing print variable data integrated services

Print of the variable data forms is the ideal solution for documents requiring any type of mark series. We also provide graphic services for optimizing invoices / forms on which variable data will be printed, such as recipient data, invoiced services, invoiced amounts, payment terms, etc. Perhaps the most important advantage of automatic variable data printing is the elimination of the risk of human error, which can not be avoided in the case of printing by the issuer's own operators. Billing is the optimal solution for fast issuance of invoices in large numbers, but in short time (12-24 hours). This ensures an efficient collection of the equivalent value of the invoices issued.

  1. Preprinted offset color for a high quality of invoices and for respect corporate values;
  2. Secured database processing and black and white variable data printing for easy invoice issuance;
  3. Simple / double series marking of offset preprinted forms;
  4. Personalizing envelopes / the entire envelopes printing for a first positive contact with the recipient;
  5. Collating, folding, envelope inserting and automatic labeling (fulfillment), to streamline the time spent;
  6. Additional insertion of various advertising materials;
  7. Drawing up and tracking of postal forms, drawing up statistics and reports, for efficient collection of the provided services equivalent value;
  8. Forms transmission by Post or Fast Courier.

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Print Variable Data Integrated Services


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