Direct Mailing Applications

Direct mailing is a direct marketing solution that involves integrating offset printing, digital print variable data, database processing, personalization or envelope printing, inserting in envelope (fulfillment), drawing up and tracking postal forms, reporting services. Billing or digital print variable data on financial-accounting documents, bank excerpts, service invoices (internet, telephony, utilities, leasing, etc.) allows also printing of commercial messages and pictures. "Upsell" and "cross sell" strategies can be implemented without the involvement of additional financial resources. Billing with print features that are characteristic to mailing, ensures significant increases in the existing customer base.

Benefits and applications in the market:

-It is the only effective way of printing invitations for various large events;

-Transmission of the complete commercial offer ensures that the recipient receives the information;

-Efficient promotion of services and products through direct mailing;

-Communicating important events such as the opening of new subsidiaries;

-Secure customers loyalty and sending greeting cards on holidays;

-Direct mailing is a useful digital print solution for any business or personal message.


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