Direct Mailing Services

Direct mailing is a direct marketing solution that involves integration of offset printing, digital print variable data, database processing, envelope personalization or printing, insertion in envelope (fulfillment), drawing up and tracking postal forms, reporting services.

This service involves:

  1. offset printing, for high quality print on letters, brochures or various promotional materials;
  2. processing databases and digital printing variable data, for personalizing the commercial message;
  3. digital personalization of the white / preprinted envelopes for a targeted communication;
  4. collatting, folding, inserting in envelope and automatic labeling (fulfillment), for efficiency of the allocated time on direct marketing projects;
  5. preparing and tracking postal forms, preparing statistics and reports, to establish the right strategies for the following direct mailing campaigns.
  6. It is the only efficient way of printing invitations for various large events;
  7. Transmission of the complete commercial offer ensures the revealing of the information to the recipient ;
  8. Efficient promotion of services and products;
  9. Communicating important events such as the opening of new subsidiaries;
  10. Secure customers fidelity and sending greeting cards on holidays;

Mailing provides the levers of marketing budget optimization due to measurability of results, decisions relating to optimal offer, optimal message, the campaign frequency will be taken substantiated. Ensure time optimization for commercial letters handling, automating direct mailing processes.


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